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BRAY TIME - 18/12/2001

Rob Bray offers his perspective on the ongoing ‘Williams v Glickman’ battle...

Something that strikes me about the ongoing e-feud between these fellows is the complete absence of any personal insults in the writings of Mr Williams, contrasted with the consistently unpleasant attacks on him by Mr Glickman. The former's missives have an air of calm and peace; the latter's remind me of sneering I've not heard since the playground.

Could it be that one of these gentlemen is content in the knowledge that he has provided the world with something beautiful, incredible, and free; while the other is spitting and snarling in the face of the dawning realisation that he has, very publicly and very loudly, missed the point?



It must be said that the vast majority of regular Swirled News readers appear to side with ‘Mr Glickman’ on this one, from what we receive, and consider Williams’s projected “calm and peace” to be part of his whole PR game. Michael has declined to respond to this e-mail, saying that he stands by his comments and that he has nothing further to say on the matters in question at this point – Ed.


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