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CYBER MEN - 19/12/2001

Crop circles turn up on an Internet sci-fi series, courtesy of Herbert Wright…

Have you seen the streaming video now playing on the WALKER MARS DIARY, a cyberseries on the Cyber Sci-Fi Network..? Episode three details some important info about crop circles.

I think you would all enjoy it, and come early 2002, CSFN will be making its formal launch, with weekly webisodes of three different Sci-Fi series, all original entertainment made specifically for the Net. As an off-shoot of WALKER MARS DIARY, we will be producing a series of "home-made" videos called GOLDIE'S CROP CIRCLE CHRONICLES, starring the female character in episode three.

It's time to get crop glyphs into the public's mind and eye using drama (and yes, a little comedy, too), as the ignorance and arrogance of mainstream media just has to get out of the way now.

Hope you enjoy our site at:

On to Mars!



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