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TV WATCH #1 - 20/12/2001

Geoff Stray, while in Guatemala, spots crop circles on their local TV…

A quick note from Guatemala to tell you what we saw on TV yestersday night. Jaime Mayssan, the Mexican UFO-investigator-TV-personality, who has been specializing in UFOs since the 1991 Eclipse and ‘UFO flap’, was talking about the latest sightings in Mexico City (no, we didn't see any ourselves, when we were there last week, unfortunately) and they showed some footage. Then he started talking about last year's Chilbolton formation (we don't know what he was saying exactly because our Spanish is pretty bad). The programme then moved on to this years formations at Chilbolton and went through all the details of the message that we've heard so much about recently. However he then went on to show what was apparently a soil sample from Chilbolton and the words "irrefutable evidence" were mentioned as a geiger counter was waved about over the sample. The Prof. involved looked suitably impressed and they discussed the possibility of contamination from the radio telescope.

Thought some Swirled News readers might know more about this?



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