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Though not exclusively a crop circle conference, the recent event held at Marlborough in November had significant cerealogical content. It also had a host of controversial speakers on other subjects… GEOFF STRAY gives an account of the day…

Following on from Tom and Kerry Blower’s ‘Unusual Experiences’ conference held in Marlborough last year, the Blowers’ offering for 2001 was called the ‘Mysteries of the World’ conference, and was held in the Marlborough Leisure Centre on Saturday 17th November.

After an introduction supplied by Tom Blower, outlining changes to the advertised programme, the first speaker, JAYSON STILWELL, took the stage. Jayson’s speciality is Tibetan overtone chanting – a technique in which vocal tones are manipulated by lips, cheeks, throat and tongue to produce a second note several octaves higher, which is superimposed on the first. Imagine a young, fair-haired Jack Dee [UK comedian], without the dead-pan and suit, but definitely with the humour. Jayson gave us a demonstration of overtone chanting and I was very impressed. I have heard others demonstrate the technique before, but never with such control of the overtone notes. He showed us a bass version that is rarely heard, and even at seven rows back I was surprised by the literally eye-watering spinal shivers it induced. See his website (below) for sound demos. Jayson told us the story of how he found himself singing to a Cornishman’s wounded knee and discovered that the legendary healing qualities of sound are a reality. The chanting even resulted in the manifestation of a much-needed new set of cymbals for his drum kit! Jayson’s talk also covered the use of sound in sacred sites and reinforced the conclusions of a UK TV documentary screened earlier in the week, in which Paul Devereux and others demonstrated that Neolithic and Bronze age people may have designed their burial chambers primarily for their acoustic qualities. The chambers were designed so that standing waves could actually become visible in the medium of incense smoke. Jayson summed up his philosophy with the formula “Sound + Intention = Manifestation” and ended the talk with some audience participation – a communal chant that gave us a glimmer of the consciousness-altering potential of chanting, hinting at the connection between stone age priests and Tibetan monks.

Jayson’s website is:

Next up was JAZZ RASOOL, who has a background of astrophysics and cellular biology. Jazz started by reminding us that astrophysicists can detect only 1% of the universe. He then reasoned that the physical part of us humans is a similarly small fraction of our totality. The next thing to remember was that only 5% of our DNA has a known function, while geneticists call the remaining 95% “junk DNA”. However, Jazz suggests that the 5% has an individual role, while the 95% has a species role, in which new functions will be switched on and off in response to changes in the environment. Such changes in the environment have been happening in the last 20 years or so, in the form of a temperature increase of the Earth. Recent evidence, says Jazz, shows that these changes are not primarily caused by manmade pollutants, as previously thought, but by solar changes. The current solar cycle is more active than any since records began, as evidenced by the Northern Lights which are being seen further South than ever before, and Jazz is currently working on showing a link between sunspots and the appearance of crop formations. He also pointed out that the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle has mysteriously jumped forward a year, so that the current phase will no longer terminate in 2011, but in 2012, which happens to coincide with the “end of the Mayan calendar” – the termination of a 5,125-year period known variously as the Great Cycle, or 13-baktun cycle. This is the same year which the international pollution treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol (based on the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) has fixed as the deadline before which emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must be reduced. “Do the politicians know something about a connection between the end of the Mayan calendar, and the current changes in climate?”, Jazz asked.

Jazz went on to talk about the Schumann Resonance – Earth’s resonant frequency, which is said to be rising from its usual level of around 8 hertz, to a current level of 13+ hertz. The Japanese scientist Hiroshi Motoyama has found that the frequency around psychics increases to a level of 17 hertz, and Jazz thinks that when the Schumann Resonance hits 16-17 hertz, a threshold will be reached that will trigger mass telepathic and telekinetic abilities in mankind! Together with changes in carbon dioxide and methane levels in the atmosphere causing breathing changes, the net result could be a switching-on of genes in the species DNA, leading to the birth of a new race, which Jazz calls “Homo Spiritus” – one including more of that hidden totality of Homo Sapiens. We should start to prepare for the changes by controlling our thoughts (imagine your thoughts being broadcast telepathically!). When a new species develops, it cannot breed with the old species, which becomes extinct.

I had a chat with Jazz to ask for his comments on the Internet articles which deny that the Schumann resonance is changing, since it goes up and down and varies in different parts of the world, and that the measurements are averages. Jazz agrees that the measurements are averages, but insists that the average measurement is increasing, and that the cause is the increase in solar activity.

Jazz’s website is:

For more on 2012, Mayan calendar, Schumann Resonance, etc. see:

After a break, PAUL VIGAY gave us some information that linked up to that of the previous speaker, when he pointed out that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) being conducted by the American Navy includes a project in which ELF (extra long frequency) waves are produced by heating the ionosphere. Some of the results of this are a lowering of the Schumann Resonance and a suppression of psychic abilities in the brain (and when combined with the information from Jazz Rasool, this implies that the American military are trying to stop the emergence of a new species… they would probably say ‘mutants’). Paul pointed out that there were actually MORE crop formations up until July this year, than there were in the same period last year, despite Foot and Mouth disease.

Paul’s talk was about the crop formations that appeared at Chilbolton, Hampshire, in the UK this year. These, for those who’ve somehow missed them, were a face and an apparent near-replica of a message about humanity sent into space 27 years ago. He went through the similarities and differences between the message sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico in 1974 and the formation at Chilbolton, which appeared next to a radio telescope. Paul says he recognised the design from Carl Sagan’s book ‘Cosmos’ and that, curiously, Sagan’s diagram AND the “reply” formation are both back-to-front from a direct transliteration of the original digital message. He mentioned the following differences between the original message and the reply formation: the addition of the element silicon to the list of life elements; an alteration to one of the DNA strands; shortening of the humanoid figure and increase in head size; the difference in population – 4 billion in the original and 21 billion in the reply; the difference in method of communication – a radio telescope was depicted in the original message, but the reply showed the formation that appeared near Chilbolton telescope in 2000. In his rush to give us the information in the allotted time, Paul forgot to mention the difference in the line that depicted our solar system in the original message. In the reply, there were three planets indicating the origin of the humanoid, rather than the one planet (Earth) in the original message. One snippet that Paul mentioned, which I had not heard before, was that there was also a change in the part of the code relating to the diameter of the transmitter, and that the change has not yet been decoded! Does anybody out there know of a decoding of this part of the reply? If this WAS a genuine reply, then one possible inference is that it originated from a short, large-headed species with slightly different DNA that comes from a population about three to four times larger than humanity, originating on three planets of a solar system…

Paul’s website is:

POLLY CARSON is the owner and farmer of East Field at Alton Barnes, and she shared some of her experiences with crop circles since her first encounter with the phenomenon in 1990. She had been complaining to friends that she hadn’t got a formation in her fields when the first long pictogram (later featured on a Led Zeppelin album cover) appeared in East Field. The following year, she and the dairyman raised their arms to the sky one night to ask for second helpings and a formation appeared the following day! Since then, she has enjoyed the company of scientists, researchers, film-makers; the whole gamut from Colin Andrews to Andrew Collins. She told how local people caught an orange ball of light on their security camera, accompanied by the barking of alarmed greyhounds. Several people from the tiny community at Alton Barnes have witnessed these balls of light, and others have seen and videoed “reflective discs” in the daytime – possibly the same phenomenon. She told the story of the tractor driver who reported seeing a UFO and who was then ridiculed by his work-mates, until a researcher (Steve Alexander) arrived with a video film, four days later, showing a silver object flying over the tractor driver’s head! Her horse stopped dead when it saw a black shape moving over the crop and she had to dismount to get it to continue. She even had a light anomaly inside her house, with several witnesses. Finally, Polly revealed that a recent archaeological dig on Golden Ball hill, which overlooks East Field, had discovered UK’s oldest settlement, dating to around 10,000 BC! Could there be a connection?

In the lead-up to the lunch break, TOM & KERRY played a “Crop Stars CD” of their impersonations of several personalities in the crop circle world. These included “Pete Sarsen-stone” and “Colin Andrex”, plus a simulated argument over photographic superiority between “Steve Alexandria” and “Lucy Winkle”. It went down like a lead brick.

After lunch, ROBERT BAUVAL gave a fascinating presentation based on his forthcoming book, co-authored by Graham Hancock, called ‘Talisman – The Quest for the Hermetic City: The New Jerusalem and the City of the Sun’. Hermes was the Greek version of the Egyptian god, Thoth, and at the time of the Renaissance there was an attempt to incorporate Hermetic philosophy into European culture. Thomas Campanella proposed building the ‘City of the Sun’, a talismanic city such as the Egyptians built, charged with power. He was imprisoned, but predicted that Louis 13th would have a son who would build the city. The birth of Louis 14th, (known as the ‘Sun King’, and who rose at dawn and retired at dusk) was a virtual miracle – his woman-shy father had to be dragged to the scene of seduction. Robert Bauval, with his interest in Egypt and its stellar alignments, has discovered that this very room – the Chamber of the Miracle - lies on an alignment with the Arc de Triomphe, a statue of Louis 14th, and the pyramid at the Louvre. Further research showed that the theme was continued through the French Revolution – the revolutionaries had intended to build a replica of the Great Pyramid on the site of the Bastille, but they ended up with a statue of Isis due to lack of funds. Bauval traces another line of Egyptian knowledge from Egypt via Moses, to the priests of Israel, the Knights Templar, Scotland and the Freemasons. Freemasons were, said Robert, behind the French Revolution, and he illustrated his talk lavishly with pictures of French-Egyptian-Masonic emblems. Paris is built around an alignment along the Champs Elysees (and the Elysian fields are the Greek version of the Duat, plus it also goes through an Egyptian obelisk), aligned, believe it or not, to the rising of Sirius on the feast of St Michael. The Arc de Triomphe’s setting was re-named in recent times, to Place de L’Etoile (etoile = star). In short, Bauval gave us a mountain of evidence that Paris is basically an Egyptian city! Aerial views were shown - then Robert dropped the bombshell [previously revealed at The Glastonbury Symposium] that one of the aerial views showing the Louvre, River Seine and alignment along the Champs Elysees was actually an aerial view of Luxor in Upper Egypt! It was virtually identical, and quite a shock. He went on to show that after the Great Fire, the Masons had attempted to redesign London as the New Jerusalem, but had failed; the proposal had been made on the 11th September. However, the plan succeeded in America. The American Masons succeeded in designing Washington around the Kabbalistic ‘Tree of Life’. A chilling post-script was that the knights of the Crusades, who occupied the dome of the Rock, are still under attack by Islam. Two pillars and a pentagram are the signs of a Masonic lodge, and versions of such symbols were targeted on 11th September 2001.

Robert’s website is:

In place of John Sayer, whose absence was unexplained, The REV. LIONEL FANTHORPE had been recruited to do an extra slot (he was due on later). The Rev. is a great storyteller and didn’t even need the microphone. He started with a cow that fell into a concealed cavern in France, and when it was hauled out, a Catweazle-den was discovered, complete with niches of Neolithic knick-knacks and un-deciphered hieroglyphs. Eventually, thermo-luminescent dating showed that the writings were at least 500 years old; not a modern hoax. The main story, though, was about Rennes le Chateau. Lionel told us about his own investigation of the area, before everyone got on the bandwagon. Before the Tomb of Arques was destroyed by its present owner, Lionel lifted the lid, while his friend stuck his camera inside, revealing that two coffins were laid on planks about 10 feet below the ground. Under the coffins was a black space. Lionel thinks it leads to a tunnel that goes below the river to the tomb of Dagobert – Merovingian kings were traditionally buried below rivers that had to be dammed while the tomb was built. This explains why the cleric Sauniere got so rich after buying a copy of Poussin’s painting, which shows the tomb (even though it hadn’t been built then). Case solved. The third story was about the Oak Island money pit. People have been trying to get to the bottom of the pit since the 1700s, when two boys discovered a dip in the ground below a tree with old ships tackle hanging from it. This was on a small, uninhabited island in Nova Scotia. Excavations revealed a layer of oak logs every 10 feet, with layers of coconut matting and ships caulking for waterproofing. The whole thing was booby-trapped with drainage channels from the sea and several people have gone bankrupt trying to uncover the loot. Lionel has worked out what is down there, though. Sara the Egyptian pinched the emerald Tablets of Hermes, which are the stone tablets kept in the Ark of the Covenant (that’s why the pharaoh chased after Moses). The Ark itself was an Egyptian design and Moses half-inched the whole caboodle, which was buried under Solomon’s temple, found by the Templars and buried on Oak island when the Templar fleet escaped the mass arrest in 1307.

Lionel’s website is:

From 5.00 to 5.45pm, REG PRESLEY, ex-troglodyte [Trogg!], rock singer and crop circle enthusiast took the stage. In the course of his life, Reg has seen 10 UFOs, and says he was actually filming one when a certain American researcher, famed for his removal of tramlines in photos, kicked the tripod and swore, thus rendering the footage un-useable. Reg’s talk was heavily influenced by the work of Laurence Gardner, who told of Flinders-Petrie’s discovery of a white powder at the Egyptian temple on Mount Horeb in the Sinai desert, which he says is the actual mountain from which Moses retrieved the Ten Commandments. Gardner says the powder was “high-spin gold” that we have only recently re-discovered how to make, and that it confers great longevity. It is this, says Gardner, that was the reason behind the gold-lust of the Annunaki, or ancient Sumerian gods, who Zecharia Sitchin says come from a tenth planet in our solar system, called Nibiru. Reg pointed out that the high-spin gold has cured someone of AIDS over a period of six weeks (= 42 days) and that, since Jesus spent 40 days in the desert, he must have been on the white powder (?). Another amazing revelation was that the human ability to squint is proof of our alien ancestry, since no other animals need to squint – therefore, according to Reg, the ability was designed for use on a different planet. Also, the Ark of the Covenant was designed to melt gold and make the white powder (despite the fact that Exodus 37 says it was made from acacia wood overlaid with gold). Also, said Reg, Moses came down from the mountain and “threw the tablets and calf into the Ark, burnt it, and fed it to the Israelites”. The event Reg was talking about is described in Exodus 32, five chapters BEFORE the Ark was made. Now I was beginning to doubt the reliability of Reg – and his famous and oft-repeated statement that “95% of crop formations are hoaxes, of course”. Reg finished his talk by discussing Ray Santilli’s ‘alien autopsy’ footage and showed part of it to the audience. The footage showed that the alien had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. This is exactly like the fingers and toes of the “descendants of the giants” that attacked King David (2 Sam, 22 v.20), and the word “giants” is used in some versions of Genesis, to translate the word Nefilim, literally ‘those who fell down’, offspring of the sons of God. These latter are the Annunaki who Sitchin says were the inhabitants of Nibiru, and who Gardner says hungered after the high-spin gold, and who Reg says are “coming back for their gold”. That’s enough bible-bashing for one day!

Reg’s website is:

After another break, at 7.00pm, computer expert JOHN COWIE did his first ever talk, to advertise his new book, ‘Silbury Dawning’. The combination of a broad Scottish accent and a dodgy microphone did not help John make his theory understood. Imagine Doctor Finlay with jet-lag, talking computer jargon down a drainpipe… He spent some time comparing the human mind to computer software, with the subconscious mind being represented as the operating system (I think). Somehow this revealed that aliens had sent out an SOS message 13,000 years ago, when their planet was dying, and that in 1974, we began to recover our lost knowledge, and sent out a similar message from Arecibo, presumably since we are descended from the aliens. The Chilbolton message was the 13,000-year old message arriving, explaining that crop circles are this ET communication and that Silbury Hill and Avebury (centre of crop circle activity) are a transmission complex and alien landing site, respectively.

John’s website is:

LIONEL FANTHORPE did his second slot from 7.30 to 8.00pm, in which he told us about the moving coffins of Barbados and the Croglin Grange vampire. The Barbados case was never solved – the heavy lead coffins continued to move when the vault was sealed and sand was sprinkled on the floor. The sand was not disturbed either. When he investigated the Croglin Grange case, he found that various points in the story didn’t tie up, but instead of abandoning the investigation, he persevered, and found that the events HAD transpired after all, but about 200 years earlier – a lesson in Chinese Whispers for paranormal researchers.

Eventually, at 8.00pm, came the talk we’d all been waiting for; JON KING and HRH PRINCE MICHAEL OF ALBANY talking about the Death of Princess Diana. Jon King and co-author John Beveridge have produced a book, four years in the making, called ‘Princess Diana - The Hidden Evidence: How MI6 and the CIA Were Involved in the Death of Princess Diana’. I have encountered Jon King’s cutting-edge investigative journalism before, and expected this to be no-holds barred. Yes, the story is so controversial that, once you know what’s been going on, you feel that the act of knowing puts you on a surveillance list, while writing a summary may get you on a secret agency hit list. There is an absolute MOUNTAIN of evidence – this is not a conspiracy THEORY – in fact, after Prince Michael’s introduction and Jon’s talk, which together lasted two hours, you knew it was true. Testimony is taken from many named people in government, medical experts, military and security personnel and intelligence personnel. Here is a tiny sample of the LESS controversial facts:

* The ambulance took two hours to get to a hospital that was much further away than the nearest hospital, when it is well known that all accident victims must get to hospital within one hour due to possible internal bleeding. Diana was NOT trapped, OR cut from the wreckage.

* The driver’s blood contained over 23% carbon monoxide. The others in the car were not contaminated. The official explanation is a ripped airbag, but the driver died instantly so could not have inhaled from the airbag. Also, Mercedes don’t use carbon monoxide in their airbags. The first blood sample was botched, so a second was taken… four days later.

* Car accidents are the most popular method of assassination by secret services. Several accounts have been found where exactly the same method was used to get rid of other people, including a failed attempt on Milosovitch in 1992. It involves fitting a remote control device to the brakes and steering so that the driver loses control at the optimum moment and the remote controller takes over. It is necessary to remove the device before the car is inspected. The Mercedes in question had been stolen at gunpoint, days before the accident, then found abandoned. Daimler-Benz engineers were refused permission to examine the wreckage.

That’s all I’m saying. Read the book for the bigger stuff. I take my hat off to these guys. The book deserves to be a best-seller.

Their website is:



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