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DRAWING MILK HILL - 26/11/2001

Veteran researcher Pat Delgado shows us how to draw the Milk Hill spiral…

Congratulations on your Swirled News. Thought you may be interested in this drawing. If it is new to you, you may try drawing it.


With reference to the accompanying drawing:

Draw the 18mm dia. Circle C1 at point A.

From point A, mark point B at 40mm distance.

With a compass set for 40mm, from point B draw arc D1 from edge of circle C1 for about 180deg., as shown.

With same 40mm setting on compass, from point A draw a short arc across arc D1 to produce point B2.

From point B2, draw a second arc D2 from the edge of circle C1 to intersect arc D1, creating point E1.

Continue in this manner until the sixth arc has been drawn, each intersecting the previous arc.

Now continue lengthening arc D1 to intersect arc D6.

You will now have created intersection points E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6.

On each of these points draw an 18mm dia. circle.

On the arcs either side of these 18mm dia. circles, draw the six decreasing diameter circles of 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6mm dia., as shown.

Either side of these decreasing dia. circles, draw 6mm, 4mm and 2mm dia. circles as shown.

Obviously, this pattern can be reproduced to any size by using multiples of the dimensions given.



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