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In the light of our recent Feedback letter asking about Australian crop formations, BRETT PARROTT reports on some very recent circular events Down Under…

On Wednesday 31st October, Don White discovered small crop circles scattered around his farm at Tandarra, 22 miles NNW of Bendigo, Victoria state, Australia. Don did not notice anything or anyone unusual in the area around this time and believes the circles were not man-made. This belief was echoed further after numerous phone calls and visits by ufologists, the curious, and even the National Space Centre.

The Channel Ten news team counted 21 crop circles from their helicopter, however, on my visit on Saturday 10th November, I also found two grass circles between the wheat crop and the fence line, visible from the ground. There may be no hard evidence proving the four to five feet wide crop circles authentic, but these smaller grass circles would be very tedious, if not impossible to hoax. When I tried flattening some of this fine short grass myself, most of it sprang back up and looked like someone's hair in the morning.

I tried an old trick of walking around the circles with an electronic cable locator to find electro-magnetic fields, but to no avail. As yet I haven't heard any stories of EM fields, detected closer to the time of the circles creation.

As to their status, my conclusion is "I don't know". These circles, as usual, are a mystery. As for any possible hidden meaning, the topology of the nearby area and the township of Pyramid Hill farther north may hint at a Mayan pyramid theme. In a nutshell, no major ground-breaking pro-crop circle revelations... yet.



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