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MATT FINISH - 26/11/2001

Matthew Williams replies to our recent coverage of his media antics…

I am sorry that my recent appearances in the media have troubled yourself and your contributors. For the record, I agree totally with Andy Thomas, the article in the News Of The World magazine was inaccurate.

I must point out, however, it was never intended to be an exploration of what crop circles are. I was called by Emma Manston who said that the Sunday magazine has a features section called REAL LIFE. This covers someone and their interesting hobby/interest/addiction, whatever. It could just have easily been skateboarding, but this time they chose to do someone who makes crop circles. The feature was basically in the style of 'a day in the life of'.

So yes, in a sense the article did centre around me, because they needed that type of focus. I must stress, I did not approach them - they approached me. Why? Well it could be thanks to all the publicity which crop circles researcher Michael Glickman gave me after reporting me to police and getting me arrested.

You see, I get bored of hearing these complaints from people about how I am in the media's eye. I didn't ask to be arrested and thrust into the media spotlight... but now that I am, at the researchers doing, I get the blame for speaking my mind. Is this jealousy, or does it stem from a wish to have all the press for researchers’ divergent and varying opinions?

My outlook is more down to earth; if you supply the media with juicy stories like circlemakers arrests, then the media will want your story, and want to make it fit their idea of what will sell more papers/ratings etc.

I have been asked and asked and asked to do stuff in the media. You would actually be very surprised how much jokey and sensationalist media I have turned down. I was offered a rather large amount of money by one newspaper just after my arrest to speak out and say that "I created all the crop circles". I couldn't say that truthfully, so I turned it down. I tried to tell the newspaper reporter that there was a paranormal phenomena and we should talk about that, but his editor told him that he wanted an expose of "how I made them all" because it would fetch bigger sales. I turned down a lot of money with that, so I do have some integrity (even if you don't believe me). This is how the media work... its not about truth, its about sensationalism.

You can see why Doug and Dave were pushed into a corner with their ‘Today’ story. The media has an idea of what it wants for a story and they will write it their way irrespective of what you tell them. You only have one option... don't get involved if you can’t take the reality of this. They may even write the story without you. What do you do then?

It is sad that the News Of The World piece didn't feature more of the paranormal stuff that surrounds crop circles. I certainly went into massive detail of things that have happened to me, and things I know have been reported by public and researchers alike. All of this was ignored.

It is not my wish to downgrade the magic of the circles and what happens around them, but if I am being edited and quoted out of context to make it sound as if that is what I am saying, then I am sorry for that... blame the media. I really do my best to promote crop circles for magical stuff...

I can only tell the truth as I see it. People make most of the circles - and the paranormal manifests in these circles. Take it how you will... this is the story I tell all the media. I do not change my tack - ever. If I appear to sound like I am changing my story all the time (as Michael Glickman accuses me of) then it is because I am not in charge of editing newspapers or TV shows. Speak to the editors of such media and ask them why they edit things the way they do.

I really do hope to redress some of the problems which are attached to the way circlemakers are represented, by releasing a video, very soon. This video has in-depth interviews with circlemakers. It’s mostly unedited.

I am releasing the video as free to be copied. This way, yet again, you can see that I am not in this to make money. I want people to understand the crop circle phenomenon for what it is, not for the myths that surround it and are perpetuated by circles researchers.

My advice to researchers is this; get your acts together. Have press packs ready. Make your research totally airtight – not just opinions or pseudoscience. And this includes pseudoscience by real scientists working far outside their trained discipline or those actually being fed bad data. I see no reason why newspaper journalists wouldn’t print your stories alongside ours if you are seriously out there promoting crop circles. Nobody is though. There is only sketchiness and differing opinions from all the crop circles researchers. Journalists are wise to this.

IE: You can’t expect respect from journo's if one researcher says the moon is made of cheese, and the other researchers say its made of fluff. There needs to be more agreement on what is going on, not argument. If you actually listen to what I’m saying and writing you'll see that I agree with crop circles researchers on many, many things. The only thing I disagree with is who is making the circles. You know my opinions on that one.

Love and peace.



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