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BATH TIME - 12/11/2001

Karen Howe thinks this summer’s formation at Englishcombe, near Bath, resembles the Froxfield ‘flower’ of 1994…

I have probably been living in a time warp with this information, but I was flicking through Andy Thomas’s book ‘Vital Signs’!

I noticed the formation at Englishcombe, Bath, reported 12th August 2001 (on Crop Circle Connector) is almost exactly similar to the formation on page 51 of ‘Vital Signs’ at Froxfield, Wiltshire, on the 4th August 1994. I have not read anything about the similarities of these formations and thought that others would like to turn to the book to compare, or better still, for those who haven't yet then it may be a good reason why people might like to go out and buy the book!

KAREN HOWE, Stanton Drew, Wiltshire


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