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The latest television attempt to demean the crop circles as all being man-made was broadcast last week on the National Geographic cable channel, with the clear intention of sowing seeds of doubt in American minds in particular. DOUG ROGERS gives his personal view of its content and implications…

Question: What's the difference between the British tabloid ‘Today’ of 1991 and the National Geographic Society ‘Today’ television programme of 2001?

Answer: Not much.

In a 10 minute segment within its ‘National Geographic Today’ programme, broadcast over and over again in hopes that someone will stumble upon it while surfing, this ordinarily prestigious organization has attempted to discredit crop circles. The point of the segment has been to continue the disinformation campaign started in 1991 with Doug and Dave when complex crop designs became difficult to explain away as crop art. With a brief interview from Reg Presley, who says most crop formations are man-made anyway, and a more lengthy and predictable interview of human circlemaker Matthew Williams, the segment format was drawn right out of the Doug and Dave playbook.

And so the battle continues. Whatever off-planet intelligence it is that tries to convince stubborn earthly minds to accept a revised reality, that intelligence remains persistent. It was the arrival of the Barbury Castle design in '91 that rattled some agency into pulling the D&D story out of a hat. Now, since mid-August 2001, that same or similar agency has been activated to compromise the ‘face’ and ‘code’ messages in the grain at Chilbolton.

The ingenious Barbury Castle design could not be swept away as frivolous, nor can the 2001 Chilbolton glyphs be discounted as meaningless. During the intervening years our visiting artists have doggedly continued their efforts to penetrate a protective shield, created here, of misinformation, disinformation and downright lies designed to keep six billion minds from recognising a fact: we are not alone in the Universe. At this moment, it is not clear why the National Geographic organisation allowed itself to be drawn into the disinformation exercise.

The National Geographic TV piece is slick. Its producers do not bludgeon their viewers with direct blows to the imagination. Rather, the doubt that a crop design can be anything other than a man-made construct is presented repeatedly. Background aerial photos of this past season’s beautiful designs were flashed without directly declaring them hoaxed, but the implication was clear that all seen were fake. The piece continued. First, it was Presley stating that perhaps someday a link will be drawn between Earth and some planet in space, but not now... not today. Yes, the Milk Hill formation was unusual, but 95% of designs have been made by teams of humans, he said. Doubt #1 established.

Doubt #2 requires a lengthy interview with the warped and discredited Matthew Williams, an unknown personality to Americans. His declarations were so transparent, that what he had to say, along with a display of his clumsy circle-making technique, may not be received very well here in the US.

Make no mistake, this National Geographic effort at compromise was directed at Americans. Recently, American researchers and scientists have taken open notice of the crop designs and have written some very interesting reports, particularly about Chilbolton. Those reports have someone worried:

Let's not allow thought and reason to prevail!
Let's shoot those in-depth, well researched, scholarly reports down, NOW!!

That Americans were the targets for the ‘Today’ programme is no secret. Toward the end of the piece, the interviewer gave away the game. The field in which Williams played out his ridiculous role was rented from a Cherhill area farmer who allowed damage to his crop. The program interviewer, while closing out his segment, warned his viewers to ask permission of Kansas or Nebraska grain farmers before entering their fields to place similar damage. Ah!!! How well known are Kansas and Nebraska to National Geographic’s TV viewers in places like Hong Kong, Palermo, or Seville..??



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