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Well-known US conspiracy author and investigator Bill Cooper has been killed in an incident with a local sheriff…

Though he had little connection with crop circles, Bill Cooper’s work is known to many within the croppie community. His investigations into the ‘powers behind the powers’ has, for good or for ill, been a major influence on others who came after to pursue hidden global agendas, such as David Icke, and such factors have been linked by some cerealogists to the ongoing debunk campaigns.

Always a controversial figure, even to other conspiracy theorists, his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ was nevertheless one of the first printed sources to openly voice the type of loud dissent against authorities and shadowy organisations which is now openly discussed in journals and websites across the world.

With an ending which will doubtless fire further conspiracy allegations for years to come, Bill Cooper was shot dead by an Apache County Sheriff in a shoot-out incident on November 6th at around 12.15am while he tried to serve an arrest warrant on Cooper for an as yet unspecified crime. Another sheriff was apparently wounded by Cooper in the fracas.

A faxed description of events from the police can be found at Bill Cooper’s official website. Those wanting to find out more about these bizarre and sad occurrences can access the website at:

(Thanks to John Bowen)


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