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TV TIMES - 25/10/2001

Doug Rogers is surprised to see positive TV coverage of the circles in the USA…

I was surprised and delighted to see a six minute segment on O' Reilly's TV programme (Fox News) covering crop circles.

For a welcome change, O' Reilly did not put the circles down!! Linda Howe didn't get to talk as much as she would have liked to, but she got enough info onto the tape, along with many aerial views of year 2000 designs, that the piece was worthwhile. Usually an interviewer compromises the CC presentation... but not this time.

O'Reilly started his piece off with a view of the Milk Hill design of August 12th. As I understand it, the interview of Howe and the presentation of several year 2000 designs was aired the first time a few weeks ago. Someone recently gave O'Reilly a photo of the Milk Hill formation and he was startled!! ....So startled that he had to replay the Howe interview, somewhat shortened from the earlier presentation, along with the new aerial of Milk Hill. You can appreciate the value of this TV piece when you realize that several millions of viewers heard - perhaps for the first time - a truly interested interviewer ask "What's making these things? It has to be aliens, right? I mean, how else can these things be made so quickly?" I think I have his commentary right. Probably Linda will be given a copy of the programme tape, and we'll hear again what Bill had to say. Whatever... O'Reilly was genuinely impressed and enthusiastic. He wasn't faking anything. And he did not bring on some idiot following Linda, to shoot everything down.



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