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Christopher Wodtke seeks crop samples for Kirlian analysis…

KIRLIAN CROP CIRCLE ANALYSIS - I am Christopher Wodtke (related to Lord Lister) from the US. I am an aerospace engineer and electrical engineer (integrated circuits) - and optical engineer (holography and kirlian). I do have one wheat head shot taken quite a few years ago, but alas, no control element to compare against!!! This control is needed to see the subtle energies that differ! I have developed a full stalk kirlian camera for the specific research of wheat and other grains affected.

Though your crops were a little late over there [in 2001], we hear that astonishing crop circles were formed this year. I have been asked to do kirlian analysis of crop circle grains, by researchers here in the US. They were planning to have me accompany them on their yearly trek to your land for on-site analysis via full-stalk kirlian analysis. For the last couple of years the housing has been a problem, and this year even worse with the mad-cow scare and all, so I have not been able to personally come over.
However, if it is at all possible that you might have some friends or colleagues that can get access to the fields PLEASE SEND ME SOME SAMPLES OF CROP CIRCLES, AS I DO KIRLIAN ANALYSIS, this is energy analysis using high voltage electro-photography. My website is

We (the crop circle research community) are interested in showing that some energies are different in the affected stalks versus the non affected ones, and these may be very subtle. I need just a few stalks, if you even know someone ‘over there’ that has access, I just need a few stalks of affected grain and a few ‘not affected’ (from near the affected samples). I have, to my knowledge, one of the only ‘full-stalk’ kirlian equipment pieces.

I will pay for the shipping.



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