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DOWN UNDER - 25/10/2001

Glenda Chapman asks about crop circles in her home country Australia...

I continue to be fascinated by these stunning creations every year, but am wondering if you know whether any have ever been reported in Australia?

To my knowledge none have been reported by the media and what amazes me is that the English and European crop circles don't even rate a mention.



There have been a number of crop circles recorded in Australia in years past, though they are far rarer than English events. Terry Wilson’s valuable book ‘The Secret History of Crop Circles’ (CCCS, 1998) records a total of 42 Australian formations appearing pre-1980, which includes the famous incident of swirled circular (and one rectangular!) markings in swamp grass and reeds at Tully, Queensland in 1966. These early types of sightings were referred to locally as ‘UFO nests’ at the time, due to the connection of their appearance to reports of aerial phenomena (which, of course, continues today globally). Later data seems harder to come by, but it’s a fair bet there are still a number of crop circles continuing to appear in Australia which go unreported by the media. Time for an active Australian investigation organisation, perhaps? Anyone in Aussie want to start one? There have also been a few sightings in New Zealand over the years.


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