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Jean Librero from France believes greater efforts must be made to distinguish genuine from man-made formations…

It is the first time I am reading Swirled News. I am French... [and] ...interested in crop circles. I thank the Swirled News team for their serious work of information and the opportunity you give to readers to share their points of view on current events. I am myself impressed at the recent formations of August 2001 (of course Milk Hill and Chilbolton, but quite a few others as well).

My personal perception: I am aware that there are hoaxers and real artists who openly make works in fields (shall we call it a new form of ‘land art’?), though, more importantly, I also believe in alien contact. Today, serious efforts must be made to ensure obvious distinction between crop circles as a form of alien communication and activities by hoaxers and debunkers, activities which prove harmful to a broader awareness and appreciation of this impressive and wonderful phenomenon.



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