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POETRY CORNER - 12/10/2001

Doug Rogers waxes, literally, lyrical, about the Chilbolton formations…

Some time ago, a small group of radio astronomers felt it was in order that Earth broadcast its story. An electronic transmission, designed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, was beamed off into space in 1974 to a star cluster light-years away. That transmission has drawn a startling response as a crop design back here on Earth, received rather much earlier than anticipated. The jury is still out, but the reception has caused a stir among space scientists, biophysicists and their colleagues unlike any seen in decades. The activity has prompted some, as well, to wax poetic...

Our message hurled into deep space,
many years ago,
Has been returned, a drawn response,
for all to see... and know...
That if we thought bright minds lived here
on our green Earth alone,
The message in Chilbolton grain,
revealed a vast unknown.



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