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Dr. Marianne Krüll adds some thoughts to our words on the recent terrorist attacks…

Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging words on SN. Yes, as hard as it may seem, love and light have to go to the fanaticists, too. There is a higher reason for all of this which we cannot fathom. I will not lose trust in our being guided, even though this may mean that we have to go through hell. Because this is actually all we can do now. There is no remedy against ideologically indoctrinated fanatics, who believe that their hatred (which, by the way, usually has a good and understandable reason, once you look into their personal childhood experiences) is ‘caused’ by an enemy - a person or a nation - instead of seeing the global entanglement that we are all in.

Yes, let us keep the light shining, as long as we can, because the shadows will grow.



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