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A Dutch artist’s plans to make bread from circle-affected grain and Eltjo Haselhoff’s warnings against this make newspaper headlines in The Netherlands…

The Dutch newspaper ‘Nieuwsblad Van Het Noorden’ (which roughly translates as ‘News of the North’) has run a number of crop circle stories this summer concerning some of the formations in that part of the world, culminating in a recent piece on local artist Chris Westen’s plans to make bread out of grain from the ‘scorpion’ formation which appeared at Stadskanaal.

The ‘scorpion’, which appeared next to a canal, has already made croppie news this summer by being the formation which members of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies claim grew an extra circle even as they surveyed it (see past Headline). Detrimental health effects were reported by Dr Eltjo Haselhoff and Robert Boerman, and camera equipment was also seemingly affected by the crop pattern.

Concerned about the disconcerting effects of the scorpion, and similar reports from other designs over the years, Dr Haselhoff has spoken out against Chris Westen’s plans to bake bread from grain taken from the standing parts of the formation, stating in the newspaper that he would not personally take the risk of eating circle material and that he would not recommend anyone else tried it due to the unknown, possibly harmful, properties such food could harbour.

Of course, tons of circle-affected grain from formations around the world must have found their way into the food chain over the years, so this could be seen as trying to bolt the door just a little too late. Nonetheless, Dr Haselhoff advises caution.

As yet no-one has reported ill effects from consuming circle comestibles – except, perhaps, from drinking excessive quantities of last year’s much-publicised crop circle beer.



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