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Ric Rohrer makes some observations about numerical links between the Milk Hill formation and the Holy Book…

I write to share an insight on the numbers within the Milk Hill circle. 409 is a number used in Bible Gematria to refer a secret message which God supposedly has hidden in the sacred text at an allegorical or parabolic level. Verses taken from the following Hosea and Isaiah texts suggest that such a hidden message exists. Also, in the Apocalypse there is mention of a sealed book which apparently must be revealed in order to set the shift of ages into motion. The unsealing of this book possibly refers to the revealing of the hidden message:

"And I have spoken through the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and by the hands of the prophets I use parables” (Hosea 12:10)

"And in that day the deaf will hear the words of a book, and out of thick darkness, and out of darkness, the eyes of the blind will see” (Isaiah 29:18)

Once the hidden allegory is understood, names, places, numbers and objects may all be found to carry deeper hidden meanings. These meanings would be universal so that all nations and faiths would have equal access to the truth being revealed. For instance, a horse may symbolize discernment of the hidden language. If this were the case, everywhere a horse was seen, whether in a movie, or painting, or even in a pasture, a higher intelligence would be making a statement about the discernment of a hidden message. If all symbols where understood at this level, then humankind would have a new language to point the way to the new age.

The Milk Hill circle is an announcement by a higher unifying intelligence that such a language is about to be revealed to the whole human race. Milk itself is a symbol of what the earthly mind of man will see when he is exposed to this unifying language. The number 13 speaks of separation of the earthly and the natural from the heavenly and the supernatural. In this sense the number has created fear from the ancient past. Man is intuitively aware that 13 calls for a transformation to a higher existence. This call for change causes him to fear the existence he is familiar with. As you know the Milk Hill crop circle is full of 13s.

The glyph and the Chilbolton ‘face’ will be completely understood when the language is fully revealed. The ones who will be able to speak and reveal the language will obviously have to be enlightened and empowered from above, perhaps the messengers or angels sent to harvest the souls of men at the time of the great apocalypse.

Hopefully these thoughts will help encourage some towards the realization that a great change has been announced and therefore is surely in the process of being effected upon our species.



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