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HIDDEN JEWELS - 17/09/2001

Dr Marianne Krull shares her Milk Hill experiences, while clearing up some date anomalies…

Here is some information on the ‘JEWEL’ (that is how I prefer to call the masterpiece on Milk Hill) which apparently only a few people seem to know up to now: Francine Blake of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group told me (on August 17th) that the JEWEL was discovered on Sunday 12th of August in the afternoon by a man called Mick (she does not know his last name), who called her around 6.30pm. She went to see the formation in the evening and also told some people of her group who also went in on Sunday and on Monday. Since Francine was convinced that other people had also found this formation and visited it on Sunday or Monday, she did not inform anybody. Strangely enough, nobody flew on Monday or walked to the top of Milk Hill, so it was not before Tuesday the 14th that the news got around to Frances and Charles Mallet, and they thought they were the first to discover it.

When I got there on Tuesday at about noon, I noticed that in the centre circle the crop was not as beautifully laid as in the other circles. It looked as if many people had stepped or even lain on it, which probably were the marks of Francine and the people of her group who had been in the formation before and perhaps spent two nights in it (as I and other people did from Tuesday night on).

The formation did not exist on Friday, since Francine Blake flew over Milk Hill that day and did not see anything. It most probably also did not exist on Saturday night, because Francine Blake told me that John Hunt, a lawyer from London, informed her that he had been camping on Milk Hill next to the Vandyke and had noticed the small ringed circle by the path [see letter from John elsewhere on Feedback]. He went into the wheat field to look for any other circles, but did not find anything. He slept in his tent facing the valley with Silbury Hill in front of him and the wheat field to his back. He left the site on Sunday morning without looking again in the field, where most probably the JEWEL formation was already lying.

Another interesting detail: The film-crew that had ordered the ‘asteroid ring’ in the East Field had set up a revolving camera on Walker's Hill (Adam's Grave), the hill east of Milk Hill. This camera had been taking pictures continuously for three days, or so I was told by one of the men on Tuesday morning when I walked up the hill to look for the new formation of which I had heard. It would be interesting to know if anything was recorded during the night of Saturday to Sunday, since the camera would have had Milk Hill in its focus, although the location of the wheat field with the JEWEL is higher than Adam's Grave. I asked the man if he knew of any new formation, but he denied it. So I suppose they didn't record anything.

Taking this information into account, the most probable time of appearance of the JEWEL is the night of the 11th to the 12th of August, while the small ringed circle was already there on the 11th or before.

For me, this is somewhat disappointing because I had thought to be one of the very first persons to enter the fresh formation. But even knowing that more people had visited it before me, I feel highly privileged to have seen it in all its glory on Tuesday morning.

I am filled with awe, with joy and deep gratitude that our mysterious friends, the circlemakers, blessed us with such a precious JEWEL. For me it has a special meaning since I had wished for a formation that would be associated in some way with the Great Goddess, with Mother Earth as she was venerated in ancient times. I had read Julie and John Wakefield's fascinating book ‘Legendary Landscapes - Secrets of Ancient Wiltshire Revealed’ and in fact was carrying it with me in my knapsack while walking up Milk Hill in search for the new formation. During a short rest near the White Horse on the Southern slope of Milk Hill I read:

"When the hills are viewed from the east the secret is revealed, for the hills and the Neolithic sites built onto them create the impression of a recumbent woman who has just given birth. The natural jutting spur from Walker's Hill is an elongated neck. Milk Hill and Walker's Hill form two huge breasts, and the barrows that crown them create a nipple effect. Knap Hill is a pregnant belly, the unusual bank running down it is the umbilical cord, and a low bowl-shaped barrow alongside the bank is a swollen navel... This gigantic 'woman', part natural, part artificially made, seems to depict a goddess figure who has just given birth into the field below her - the East Field."

So imagine my joy and utter excitement when I found the JEWEL on the top of Milk Hill. I had my wish fulfilled in a totally unexpected way: the definitely most outstanding crop circle of all times, truly a worthy sign of the Goddess had been placed right on her breast! I laughed and cried at the same time and danced around the strings of pearls of "my" JEWEL - because that was how I felt during the four hours that I spent in it all by myself (please forgive my arrogance!). Microlights and helicopters were buzzing over me, among them Steve Alexander, who took his photographs with me in the centre circle (the little dot on some of his Internet photos is me!!).

Thank you, beloved circlemakers for this gift which I take to my heart and keep it there as a treasure for life, as my JEWEL!



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