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SETI LIMITS - 18/09/2001

SETI are on the circle-debunking trail, warns John Curtis…

Its not really news, but I thought I would let you know that SETI has posted on their website an article about the Chilbolton glyphs that essentially states that all crop circles are made by hoaxers. The exact wording is:

"Finally, the whole matter of crop circles fails the baloney test, as Sagan would put it. They can be easily made by people interested in creating a stir (you can read a nice description of both crop circles and their construction, as well as a claim by experts in the field, as it were, that they could replicate the new grain graphics, at [The Circlemakers website]) and, of importance, there is a lack of convincing physical evidence that anyone else has made them."

The story is at the following location:

I have sent SETI two e-mail messages asking them to pull the article... or to correct it. But no response yet. In one e-mail message, I included photos of expulsion cavities in the growth nodes of plants growing inside crop circles. In the other e-mail message I included photos of the beads of magnetized iron compounds which are found in the soil inside crop circles.

If you'd like copies of my email messages (and photos) which I sent to SETI complaining about their article, let me know.

And if you have any ideas about how I can influence SETI, let me know that too. I am certainly disappointed that they are approaching the subject of crop circles from the standpoint of bias and prejudice, and are ignoring the good science that is being carried out on the plant and soil samples collected from inside the formations.

JOHN CURTIS, Martinez, California


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