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Dinah Howland, artist, asks where the motivation and inspiration of the human circlemakers originates...

I'm sure this must have been mentioned before, but even if people are making some of the crop circles, one does have to look in to the forces moving them to do it. After all, no-one in their 'right mind' would go to all that effort unless driven by some other force...

Also, where does the inspiration for the designs come from? As an artist I know I don't paint my own paintings and suspect the same is going on with these circle builders - but maybe they should admit to their inspiration - or is it too scary???



[Some alleged crop artists do claimed to be inspired by ‘higher forces’, though some doubt them and see these claims as simply vandals ingratiating themselves into legitimacy by falsely linking themselves with something paranormal to cover for their real aspirations of ego-boosting and artistic mischief-making. The truth may lie somewhere in-between. It’s an argument that will run and run – Ed.]


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