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Some collected missives we’ve received about the Chilbolton ‘face’ and ‘code’ formations, positive, negative, and questioning…

Obviously, the things to check are the differences between the new image and the one sent by Arecibo.

Of particular interest is the line depicting the Solar System in both images.

In Arecibo, the 3rd element (Earth) is displaced upwards to indicate the source of the message. In the new image, the 3rd, 4th and 5th elements are displaced upwards. However, the 5th element is fragmented. If the solar systems were in fact the same one, this would mean that the new image's 'source' would be Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt (exploded planet?).

Also worth comparing are the elements relating to the DNA double helix (Arecibo), and what appears to be one strand of 'DNA' identical to Arecibo, and a second strand of 'DNA' that is quite different.

I have no opinion on the origin of crop circles, but a very human interpretation of the Arecibo-analogue might be: "We are a hybrid of Human and alien DNA, whose origins are the Earth, Mars and the planet that used to be where the Asteroid Belt is now".

It's worth pointing out that scientists presented with the Arecibo image bitstream and no information as to its content were unable to decode the bitmap successfully.



This image is actually the Sphinx face from Giza. You have to watch the picture from an angle to one side and you will see.



I believe that the two are hoaxed. The hoaxers have been hard at work to see which team can out-do the others. Although I think it is artistically beautiful, the code says nothing to me. I also would like to note that hardly anyone even mentions bent stalked or blown nodes. Not to mention anomalous electrical activity. All that seems to be said is that the formations looked neatly laid; why does no one mention bent or broken stems? It’s no wonder the media treats this as a farce and not worthy of mention in publications.



While I appreciate your website a great deal, I have a complaint about Karen Douglas's article of August 23 2001.

She states:

"What is so interesting is that this 'dot matrix face' and the strip of code next to the radio telescope are remarkably similar to the kinds of coded information we sent out into space on the Voyager spacecraft. Could this be our reply or some strange intergalactic echo?"

She's got the wrong message. In November of 1974 SETI at Arecibo, in Puerto Rico, sent out a binary code message which was this glyph. It was not on the Voyager Spacecraft. The Voyager Spacecraft had the gold (I think) plaque that showed and image of a man and a woman, as well as other things, and it's out beyond our solar system now. The message sent by Arecibo, was sent by their radio telescope and is strictly a binary code, and at this point is 27 light years out. The message in the crop is almost identical to the Arecibo transmission, except for a few vital differences.



Our later articles make it quite clear that the message was the Arecibo one. Karen’s piece was posted up while information was coming in and no-one was certain of details at that point – Ed.


A few books (such as ‘Grand Illusions’, by Gregory L. Little, which I cannot wholeheartedly recommend) are beginning to appear connecting the "little grey men" with classic theological demonology. I have only been following your site for a short time, and perhaps the following has already been considered and discussed at length:

Shouldn't you rule out any connection between the most recent face and coded phenomena with what is said to be the coming incarnation of Satan or Ahriman (from anthroposophic sources?). It is said this incarnation will occur in this century, perhaps between 2012 and 2033. It has been predicted, from more sources than the one I have cited, that the being of this incarnation will have tremendous occult and magical powers and humanity will have the task of consciously wresting some of this power for its own continued evolution, or be destroyed by it, both individually and as a whole. The face that has appeared is not pleasant and has emerged out of mechanistic, "nothingness" scientific procedures. Has black magic emerged on a white magic field of operation?

The traditional, genuine Rosicrucian and esoteric teachings have described humanity as the "tenth hierarchy," and the entire universe is involved in its creation. How do "aliens" fit into this esoteric teaching? Except as something purely alien to this Christian evolutionary stream?

Nothing will serve this coming incarnation so well as ufology and genetic manipulation.

I certainly do not have many answers, but believe that the teaching on the coming incarnation of Satan should be ruled out as lurking behind many current phenomena.



I'm happy to present 2.5 weeks worth of my research on the Chilbolton formations at

We made Contact. I've deciphered the Aliens message.

DUSTIN D BRAND, Albuquerque, NM, USA


I found a site by Michael Lawrence Morton and Gary Val Tenuta (two researchers from the ‘Code Consortium’) at

They have a new site:

The site is called 'In The Beginning Was The Code'.

Archaeocryptographer Michael Morton has discovered dramatic, precise correlations between these two enigmatic faces (Chilbolton and the Face on Mars) in terms of the ‘ArchaeoSky Matrix’ or ‘ASM’.



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