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All of you will have, by now, heard of the terrible events occurring across America. All of us at Swirled News send our deepest sympathies to those affected by these shocking events.

It is at times like these that the arguements and squabbles that occur in the macrocosm of our community are truly put into perspective. The sheer evil - for that is what it is - that can cause a handful of people to hate so strongly, that they may perpetrate acts of such callous inhumanity against their fellow men and women, beggars belief. The struggle between the forces of light and darkness has, as never before, been thrown into sharp relief.

If we are truly working towards a new humanity, a new level of conciousness, then the acts of a few CANNOT be allowed to divert this - and we, as a community, must do our part, as small as it may seem, to ensure this does not happen. The vibration of fear and terror that has been injected into the collective conciousness of the planet must be dispelled.

We at Swirled News urge all our readers to send light and love to all those involved in the tragedy - all those who have lost their lives, all who may have been bereaved, and, difficult as it may be, those who would perpetrate such acts. It is only by sending light into the heart of darkness that we may be able to dispel entrenched hatred that motivates such atrocities. Collectively or alone, your thoughts, your energy and your love will make a difference.


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