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THE FINAL CUT - 27/08/2001

Peter Sorensen makes some closing comments on Jack Sullivan’s critique of the making of the plankogram ‘solar system’ (see ‘Paranoid Asteroids’ elsewhere on Feedback)...

To paraphrase Mark Fussell's excellent remark about the Milk Hill Galaxy: There aren't enough words in the English language to say how paranoid Jack Sullivan is.

Everything I said before is true, but as someone with a life to lead I will no longer be bothered reading such bollocks, let alone spending a couple of hours replying to it!

It is not out of weakness that I forgo a second round of argument, but it is the certainty that people so out of touch as to swallow Jack's leap into light speed lunacy will never believe anything I say - while those with more level heads don't need me to refute him. (He is wrong on every point, except for the number of people in the formation - my shots show he's right about there being six. One of whom was a photographer with a "night shot" camera.)

History will tell which of us - and I mean everyone on all sides of the circle phenomenon – are right.



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