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Ron Russell responds to Swirled News’s comments beneath his last letter (see elsewhere on Feedback)…

I'd like to reply to your reply concerning my preliminary report on the experimental circle we made this summer. What good this will do, I don't know; on the web everything gets buried out of sight, unlike a magazine where you can more quickly access various articles by using the amazing thumb-flip technique.

We are not in disagreement about the bent stems. I just did not go into an elaborate explanation in the preliminary report. There appeared in our demonstration the "false magically bent stem" which is not bent at the node, but along the stem before the second node. For years in the field I have seen people claiming this as the magically bent stem, which it is not.

Results from the ES meter are very tantalizing. It shows some anomalous energies in the isostatic field, energies that are not normally there; energies that are much more than when we make a control area by just pushing the crop to the floor. We do not know why this is or what it implies, but I have observed that when a large differential reading happens, everyone who enters the formation feels good and considers the formation "genuine". I think that these are the formations that should be considered, measured and experienced, they probably are the genuine circles. Who cares what the cause is if the effect is good - enjoy it, use it.

That some circles have unusual electrostatic energy should come as no surprise. John Burke showed this in 1993 and others after him have been intrigued. Our instrument is super sensitive and straightforward so this is why we are getting such results. There is much more work to be done in this area and I would not waste my time if I did not see some strong potential for increasing our knowledge about why the circles are special.

Your strange questions about our little spiritual experiment alarm me. All intelligent forces beyond human are supernatural. We intended to reach to some higher level than mechanical, in a thoughtful way, to see if this would make a difference in the feel and energies in the resulting formation. It was a good effort and one which we intend to repeat, as there is consensus among our team that it was effective. This has nothing to do with channeling through stomper boards, as you archly question.

We feel there are supernatural intelligences and forces at work in the circle phenomenon, but not, as commonly believed, in the causation of most of them. The circles do not have to be made by ET or other forces to be spiritual machines or temples or wonderful places…

…My report was hastily written (sorry) and labled as a preliminary report in order to get basic information out to the interested researchers and public. I wanted, at any cost, even the cost of misunderstanding due to my poor wording, to eliminate any perception of deception in our activities. If I had not spoken out and been upfront about the formation there is a chance that some may have visited it and thought it "genuine". Then I would be very unhappy for having misled them, that was not part of our experiment at all.

I am interested in objective truth of the wider phenomena and as you know from my years of CSETI and MUFON work, I believe forms of CONTACT are going on. I believe that you feel this way too, perhaps even most of the croppies and researchers feel this way too? It is just that now, like Colin Andrews, I do not believe that this contact necessarily includes the making of the elaborate crop formations, which seem to me to be done by humans to a large degree. Rather, it surrounds these energy machines/sacred-art-forms in some way which I feel we are just beginning to come to grips with. Arguing over the physical cause of the circles is pointless and a distraction, when the real juice is in the effects they produce.

RON RUSSELL, Midwest Research


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