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ENGAGEMENT RING - 25/08/2001

Rumours that a small ring was already present in the same field before the Milk Hill spiral arrived appear to be confirmed by John Hunt’s following account…

This is a note of my experience on Milk Hill which may add to the research.

On Saturday 11th August I camped on top of Milk Hill on the north side of the Wansdyke Ditch just above the field which now has the large ‘Galaxy’ circle. After putting up my tent I went for a walk after the sun went down to look at the White Horse. Although it was getting darker there was still plenty of light.

I decided to try a short cut back to the tent and climbed over the fence above and to the left of the White Horse into a grass field with some sheep in it. To the left of that field is the crop field in question. I could not cross that wheat field so I climbed over a fence in the hedge and immediately came upon the small ring. Incidentally, I noticed that the top rail of the fence I stepped over was broken and thought that it had only recently been broken. I was fascinated by the ring as it was so small and seemingly insignificant, tucked out of the way on the edge of the field. I was particularly interested in the very thin rings of a few ears of corn between the four flattened circles, which each were about 18 inches wide. I looked across the field in the hope of seeing something else but saw nothing. I do not believe that the large formation was there. I went back on Sunday 19th August and walked the same route and from the small ring could see some of the flattened wheat in the large formation. However, I would not like to swear that it was not there on the night of the 11th as I cannot say if the light might have concealed any of the flattening. In fact, I would have thought it might have heightened the contrast, but I am not sure.

I continued to walk all the way round the bottom of the field (to the right of the small ring) and then up the right side parallel to the Wansdyke. I saw no other circles. However I did see some real flattening of the wheat going on! A badger ran into the wheat and I stood for a while waiting to see if it came out. I then saw it jump up as if to look at me over the top of the corn. However it did this again and I noticed that it was jumping up to flatten the crop with its front paws, eat the ears and then jump up again, repeating this time after time. So I think we have discovered the real circle makers!

One other fact I would love any comment on: Underlying the circles were flattened tracks of wheat linking every circle going from the centre out along each of the six arms. [This effect was present in the similar Julia Sets of 1996 – Ed.]

It was a wet and windy night on the 11/12th and in the morning I packed and went home without returning to look at the field (damn it!). Incidentally on the night I camped I watched the large triangle formation opposite Silbury Hill being completely harvested up to sunset.

If anyone has any comments or further information I would love to hear it.



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