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Andreas Muller clarifies a few of the sceptical stories about Milk Hill…

I just read the rumours about the Milk Hill formation and hope to be able to clarify some of them:

1) Signature

In his e-mails, with attached 'postcards', Peter Sorensen suspected the small ring [found in the same field – see John Hunt’s Feedback letter] to be a signature, suggesting a human artist, I guess.

This is not correct, as the small ring definitively appeared days or even weeks before the big formation was discovered for the first time on Sunday August 12th, 2001 by a local croppie. He had been inside the ring on Saturday afternoon. The big formation was not there, he assures. While standing in the ring it is impossible to miss the huge formation in the field. So the ring was already there on Saturday. On the ground the ring revealed himself as being a central standing circle with actually four small rings of about 4-5’ width separated by a very thin wall of nearly single standing plants. The condition of the flattened plants suggested that it appeared at least some days before the big formation was discovered.

2) The British Movie

When I arrived within the large Milk Hill formation, the film-crew of the British movie 'A Place To Stay' that commissioned this year Matthew Williams & Co. to copy the 1995 'Solar System' in East Field (a project in which Williams & Co. were caught in the act already at 3.30am by Swiss researchers with thermo-vision and that took at least six hours partly in broad daylight) was filming inside. I soon heard that a technician of the crew told an Italian croppie couple that 'this' formation was made for the movie...

BUT he also added that he was not quite sure if 'this' one was in fact the one they'd paid for.

Soon after, I was approached by the director himself and asked him about this statement. He told us that the Milk Hill formation was definitively NOT made nor commissioned by him. As it also surprised them, of course, they decided to paste it into the script. I trust his words in this as he seems to be honest in his plan to create a movie in which the real thing plays part. He explained the East Field location for their commissioned formation through the need for a perfect location - and East Field is in fact perfect as it can be, filmed down from at least three hill tops. If you are going to make a UFO movie you also have to create your own UFO...

3) London's Circlemakers

In the latest edition of the Guardian, journalist John Vidal tries again to debunk the phenomenon in his known manner, as he did in 1998 when 'The Guardian' allegedly commissioned the making of the four-armed Julia-Set at Silbury Hill.

He suggests the team based around John Lundberg as the likely makers of this formation. Further, Vidal himself suggests that, based on his estimation, the formation could have been made by a team of six people in approximately five hours.

I contacted John Lundberg about this claim…



[…and, as we know, Lundberg entirely denied any involvement in the formation and reiterated that it would be impossible to make with six people within the given time-frame – see previous Headline – Ed.]


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