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Peter Sorensen responds to Jack Sullivan’s criticisms of his connection to the ‘Earth is Missing’/‘asteroids’ plankogram replica… Jack Sullivan replies!

I was surprised to read Jack Sullivan's paranoid accusations of "deceit and conspiracy" in his report on the "Missing Earth" replica - and accusing me of involvement.

There was never any intent to mislead researchers into believing the formation was genuine. The formation was made for the motion picture, full stop.

A small circle had already been made in the East Field for the movie, and it was no secret that another, larger one was going to be made somewhere. Just where and when were kept quiet for two reasons:

1) The likelihood of angry croppies interfering with the work (which happened anyway).

2) Because motion picture companies are always secretive about such details - in this case the formation was an important set for the film. With at least one other motion picture about crop circles in the works, they wanted to conceal as much as possible about it under difficult circumstances.

That second point also explains why they originally intended to destroy the entire formation. Had the weather not interfered with their shooting schedule, the thing would have been taken out by noon to prevent its design being photographed a lot. (The producers were naive to have had any hope of that – they don't know how early in the morning croppie photographers get up and go looking for new circles! Pictures were on the Internet that afternoon.)

So in the end, to minimize crop loss, Busty and Colin just flattened Mercury, Venus and Mars with their feet. Contrary to rumour, no attempt was made to mess up the lay. (I shot 10 minutes of tape inside the formation right after it was made, which I will include in my 2001 video, so you can examine it for yourself.)

Sullivan sees me as part of some dark plot because I had "foreknowledge of the whole project." Well, as I said, it was no big secret that a second formation would be done for the film. I simply asked Colin where it was going to be made and for permission to video the work being done. I promised to keep the footage private until told I could do so, and Colin graciously shared the secret with me.

Why Sullivan thinks the fact that the lads started work after 1:00 AM was evidence of a conspiracy to fool researchers is beyond me! If they intended fool researchers they would have started as soon as it was dark, and they would not have wasted time like they did, either. Believe me, Matt Williams is good enough to be able to estimate the time necessary for such a job. The reason they started at night was not because they hoped to elude detection and fool people, but because the movie script called for a helicopter shot in the morning light - when the characters played by the woman and the child supposedly discover the formation and dance inside it.

Nor would anyone out to trap the researchers do so in conjunction with a film project. Does Sullivan imagine
"hoaxers" are so stupid that they'd assume croppies would believe that a GENUINE reoccurrence of The Earth is Missing formation magically appeared to fulfil the needs of a movie script?!

As The Voice of Reason is fond of exclaiming, "Oh, please!"




Peter Sorensen’s denials and explanations do nothing to dissuade me from my ‘paranoid‘ belief that the “Missing Earth” replica was partially an attempt to deceive. If anything, he reinforces my case and verifies that he was involved in the plan. How else would he know so much detail about the background and feel so bound to come up with lame excuses for the conspirators?

My comments on his reply are as follows: -

Ref. Para. 2: He claims that there was never an intention to mislead: “The formation was made for the motion picture, full stop”. I believe this statement to be only half-true. The event presented an opportunity for a hoax and was seized on as such.

Ref. Para. 3: Quote: “It was no secret that another larger one (formation) was going to be made somewhere. Just where and when were kept quiet (secret?) for two reasons”. This statement is contradictory nonsense. How can there be no secret while the actual planned event is a secret?

Ref. Para. 4: One of the reasons for the ‘secret’ WAS to prevent “The likelihood of angry croppies interfering with the work.” This seems a very thin excuse. Croppies would be annoyed only if they suspected an attempted deception was afoot (which of course there was). What good reason was there if all was above board, not to announce the plan in advance to avoid such anger?

Ref. Para. 5: Another very thin excuse. What evidence can Peter offer to support his statement of the film company’s desire for secrecy? Due to the bungled plot they lost all hope of secrecy anyway. How does this affect the film? Most film companies welcome pre-publicity.

Ref. Para. 6
He claims that “the thing would have been taken out by noon to prevent its design being photographed a lot” (very odd phrase) – unless, of course, Peter was the photographer. He already had his shots ready to be ‘Photo-Shopped’ and doctored for use later. Am I being cynical here? Must be the paranoia.

Ref. Para. 7.
Quote: “Busty and Colin just flattened Mercury, Venus and Mars with their feet to minimise crop loss”. How does this work? Flattening crop to save it? And why bother when the field is paid for, the area involved is relatively insignificant and it was all going to be destroyed at noon anyhow? Was the workmanship so terrible? Please, explain all this Peter - this stupid croppie, for one, is baffled. Must be the paranoia again.

Ref. Paras. 8 & 9.
If Peter had the permission of the ’Gracious Colin’ to video the work being done, why did he arrive on the scene at 4.30am, and, strangely, why was he dismayed to find the formation only half-done? This latter statement, from his ‘Connector’ report, implies that he expected the formation to be finished or nearly so. But Peter, if your expectation, presumably based beforehand on Mathew’s ‘expert’ (some expert!) estimation of the time required, had been fulfilled, you would have been unable to video the work in progress as you had agreed with the gracious Colin. You seem to be saying you received permission to do something, which you knew you would be unable to do if things went to plan! Bit of a ‘tangled web’ here, Peter. So many contradictions.

Peter says an early morning light shot was needed for the script. So, why not make the formation more easily in the light of the previous day or evening, or work through the night with illumination? Again I ask, just what was the real motive for the 1.00am start, the dark clothing and the overall secrecy unless deception was intended? Incidentally, being so close to Matthew Williams, can Peter explain why, on Paul Vigay’s website, Matthew claims that only himself and four assistants were involved in making the replica, while Mark Fussell’s photo on his ‘Connector’ website clearly shows six black clothed figures in the middle of the formation and, not quite so clearly, possibly another two figures at the right hand edge?

Ref. Para. 10.
Peter’s statements here are dissembling. The known hoaxers and their supporters have often revealed themselves to be both duplicitous and verging on stupidity in their assessment of the credulity of croppies and croppie researchers and the public at large (I can support this statement with chapter and verse if need be).

In my present paranoid state, I believe that the conspirator’s intentions were to reveal the movie connections to the replica hours later, after the trap was sprung and ‘stupid croppies’ had committed themselves to an opinion about genuineness. The intention was to discredit and disparage genuine researchers into the phenomenon. Hoaxes generally are anti-social acts and, in this field, yes, they are stupid too, they are anti-scientific in that the atmosphere they generate discourages the involvement of many potential investigators. This ‘Missing Earth’ replica enterprise has some very shaming aspects to it.



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