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ULTIMATE PROOF - 24/08/2001

Ray Prada outlines a strong argument in favour of crop circles being of non-human origin...

First of all let me applaud your forum on this extraordinary phenomenon of crop circles.

I first became aware of the phenomenon in the late 80's, through television. I have since looked at hundreds of photographs, mainly on Crop Circle Connector.

I have become a true crop circle aficionado. I have been sceptical at times, given the reports about hoaxing, but in the end, and as I look at more and more evidence as it is being presented, I am convinced that the majority of crop circles are indeed of a NON-HUMAN origin. The most patent physical proof of this came to me a few days ago when I examined the photographs of a recent formation dubbed ‘The Angel’. In it there appear 75 radial paths which are all very thin: about 6 inches wide, according to the accompanying report. The paths appear to go all the way to the ground inside the wheat and are perfectly straight, as seen in the aerial photo. After examining this, my conclusion was, if you try to imagine a human being tracing these lines over the wheat, there's an impossibility here, from the simple fact that the paths are only 6 inches wide. The body of the human person itself, by its movement through the wheat, would've certainly made a wider path in the process of pushing along whatever tool one cares to imagine. He/she would have had to be thinner than any human is known to be. This is crucial: a human body would've had to LEVITATE over the wheat in order to construct the lines (75 in all) without leaving a wider than 6 inches path for each. Even if one envisions the use of some sort of scaffolding, the contraption itself would've left footprints.

If anyone can refute this logically, I'd like to hear it.

One time I saw a ‘documentary’ on TV that talked of super-secret high tech helicopters that can hover in total silence. One could envision one of these craft shooting a beam of microwave energy down to produce the formations. But, can they make them invisible too? No-one has ever SEEN any helicopters over the circles. Now, the geometry of some formations looks computer generated. Could Bill Gates have invented a secret invisible machine that can etch these designs on the fields with energy beams, under computer control, from an invisible aircraft?

I think those who say "all circles are made by people" are short on intellect and unable to grasp subtle evidence. They have closed their minds and refuse to look. In the meantime, the ‘circle-makers’ just keep producing formations in abundance! Isn't it just delightful? People bickering and fighting over who or what is making the crop circles and then, silently, wham! Another exotic, exquisite formation!

Whoever is making these formations, given their exquisite beauty and elegance, their clever design and astonishing geometrical perfection, I think points to beings of a serene, aesthetic nature, playful and inspiring. I do not see in them any ominous forebodings, but rather a gentle nudge as if " hey you guys down there stuck by gravity to that mass you call Earth..."

RAY PRADA, St Louis, Missouri, USA


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