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Thomas Blaylock has some earnest general comments and questions to make about crop circles...

1. The circles are intelligently made.

2. They are made by a very advanced intelligence.

3. They must, therefore, have a meaning beyond the art of it.

4. Either there is information in the art of it, or:

5. There is a language of which these forms are an expression of it.

6. The writers must, therefore, think someone on earth is capable of interpreting it.

7. Are there symbols in ancient languages which match some of it?

8. Can these symbols be correlated with some of our present sciences?

9. Have they astronomical relationships?

10. Are there dream symbols or explanations to correspond to it?

11. Have any two or three identical circles ever been recorded?

12. How do these circles correspond to natural earth phenomenon?

13. Is there a relationship to weather, earthquakes, storms or astronomy?

14. What has been the history of the area following these circles?

15. Can the circles be correlated with any political events?

16. Is there a mathematical relationship between the circle sites?

17. Is there a spiritual relationship of the owners of the fields?

18. Is there any unusual magnetic or gravity relationship to the sites?

19. Is there any unusual UFO activity over the area after the sites are made?

20. Is it possible the writers are simply communicating with each other?

21. Is the Earth simply someone's blackboard?

22. Would these sites not be considered witchcraft in earlier days?

23. Are there a select few who do know what these circles are saying?



There are many books,journals and web sites out there which will answer many, if not all, of these questions… The Truth is Out There! – Ed.


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