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Jean Waterford expresses concerns about the recent video ‘Contact’ which was reviewed on Swirled News... and we reply...

How do I contact Melanie Gambrill to let her know about the well substantiated rumour that says the new video ‘Contact’, that she reviewed so glowingly, is based around footage shot by a now very distressed Cheshire resident [name removed], whose footage was used without his permission, against his wishes, and he was not credited nor compensated monetarily in any way by the producers?




Since writing my review of Bert Janssen and Janet Ossebaard’s new video ‘Contact’, I have become aware of the wrangling over copyright issues. I recently received assurance from Janet that the conflict has now been amicably resolved. I believe that in focusing on this we rather miss the point! It is much more important that we ask: ‘what does this footage show us?’ Life offers many situations of conflict but with the crop circle phenomenon we are being given an opportunity to marvel at the miracles and the beauty of this universe – let us embrace this rather than become embroiled in petty human squabbles!


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