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CANADA DRY - 24/08/2001

Steve Canada from California comments on Andy Thomasís response to the Midwest Research teamís claims...

Well done in your response to the Midwest Research team's claims & statements regarding their man-made circles. Such clear thinking can't but help us in our investigation into this puzzling phenomenon.

The makers of genuine formations need not have come from another solar system or dimension. I've developed deciphering methods of the circles' designs & ancient symbols over the past 11 years (& written 56 books) that reveal consistent information identifying the origin of the makers and their specific identities by individual name.

32 of my still-in-print books are featured on my web site, with full content descriptions of 22 titles, if you care to take a peek:

Keep up your good work.

STEVE CANADA (in the SE desert of California)


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