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VISIONS OF ANGELS - 24/08/2001

Susan Gordon tells of experiences of light ball phenomena and mathematical symbols...

In the past ten days I have received profound evidence in support of the balls of light/crop circle phenomena.

On July 20th, my mother passed away, only a couple of hours after I'd made a 2000-mile flight to visit her. In my brief conversation with her, I asked if she would send back pictures of the angels, so I could do some new paintings.

In the days immediately following her passing, I received blinding flashes of swirling full-spectrum lights, followed about 48 hours later by visions of fractals (such as the Mandelbrot Set) and three-dimensional mandalas in many layers of light. Many such patterns, of course, as those which have shown up in crops around the world in recent years.

Just a couple of days ago, in speaking with my cousin, he said he saw a bright ball of light, about the size of a softball, follow my Dad, brother and I when we moved to form the receiving line at Mom's memorial service. It only lasted a couple of seconds, then vanished.

Having just read your article about crop circles and balls of light... I'm now putting this all together and with great satisfaction, recognizing the truth about higher mathematics and this Universal intelligence that is signalling humanity about the reality of Higher Worlds. How exhilarating it is to UNDERSTAND..!



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