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STATE OF THE HEART - 24/08/2001

Jan Kregers from the US shares a tale about the heart-shaped formation at Newton St Loe, suggesting evidence of human interaction with the circlemakers...

I [am] an avid sky-watcher from my back yard on clear nights. Since last August, I have seen these interesting little star-like objects most clear nights. They do not fly straight trajectories like satellites and such, but actually do odd things like change direction in the sky by simply moving off at a different angle (rather than turning in a smooth curve) and suddenly 'jumping' from one place in the sky to another. A couple of times, when watching them through binoculars (through which they still appear as star-like dots of light) and mentally wondering if I was indeed watching extraterrestrial spacecraft, they have suddenly changed brightness, flashing from orange or amber to a very bright white, in a series of pulses, as if to say, 'why yes, you are...'

This gave me the idea to try to communicate in some way with them... A couple of months ago, I decided that what I needed was a kind of glyph or 'call sign' that I could quickly visualize to let the star-folk know it was me talking to them. I hit on the idea of drawing a heart in my mind because it was very easy to visualize, and because I wanted to project friendly and loving thoughts... On either Monday July 16 or Tuesday July 17, I saw one of the dots go very bright white when I ‘thought at it', and I got this sudden idea to ask the star-folk if they... could send me a sign by drawing me a crop formation? I asked them if they could maybe do a crop formation with a heart-motif in it, and that way, I would know that they had 'heard me'.

After having seen the newest aerial picture of the heart [formation, Newton St Loe], its placement in the landscape really does seem to echo the way the night sky looks... when I mentally 'draw a heart in the sky' each night when I sky-watch. ...I think that it is worth documenting [that] somewhere... a person watching and attempting to interact with strangely moving and flashing 'dots of light' in the night sky over San Diego, California, thinks about (by mentally drawing a heart) and asks for a heart-shaped crop formation, and (St.) Lo(e) and behold, one shows up in a field in England within a matter of days, placed so that a copse of trees just to the right of it mimics my view of the night sky from my back yard, where the whole southern part of the sky to my right (I sit and view facing east) is blocked nearly to the zenith by the branches of a large pine tree. It's just too darned exact-looking a placement to be 'coincidence'...

Also, I have a small favour to ask: would it be possible for someone to obtain a single stalk of the crop from inside this formation for me? I understand if it really can't be done, but I'd like one stalk to put on my altar in honour of the Star-folk.



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