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DANNY’S DINOSAURS - 23/08/2001

ilyes has discovered physical evidence for Danny Sotham’s cerealogical dinosaurs…


Danny writes:

”The dinosaurs. You may think they are extinct, but regrettably they are alive and well in the world of cerealogy, and many species have evolved over the last few years. There are dangerous creatures stalking the fields which you need to be aware of, lest they crush you in their
lumbering wake, blind you with their venom and deafen you with their loud and vacuous noises. Watch out for these dinosaurs in future then, and tread carefully, as we go 'Balking With Dinosaurs…'

Well, dunno what YOU guys had in mind with this, but here's what appeared in an Upstate NY newspaper today ... (See photo - photo credit: Monty Calvert, The Post-Star, article by: Robert Kurtz)

I can give you some quotes from the farmer, for yr records:

Should visitors get lost, no-nonsense Farmer Gifford acknowledged, "We have corn cops who help those who are directionally challenged." When asked how he 'made' it, Farmer Gifford responded coyly, "We plant the corn ... the rest is a company secret." However, the owner of an
Orchard who'll be designing a 3-acre ma[i]ze next week acknowledged, "Some farms use global positioning systems to plot out the design and pull out the plants by hand... I drag around a stepladder with my industrial strength mower so I can look over the corn to get the
desired shape.”



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