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Ilyes comments on the growing worldwide interest in the crop circle phenomenon sparked by the recent Milk Hill formation...

Well, it's about TIME the world media got ‘serious’ about covering The Circles! Our Grand Finale has spiraled its way around the world in a tad over a week: CNN carried aerial footage and interviews with circle visitors; BBC [and ITV] ran footage and a story; even Discovery Channel had a piece, and it aired on Dutch TV, too. This magnificent formation will be on the cover of at least ONE international magazine, and I'm sure it'll make LOTS of other covers, too, as word continues to spread – and, man, is it spreading!

I'm receiving posts from folks I've never heard from before, folks newly introduced to The Circles… ...both they and longer-term students, even if they're not sure about OTHER formations, grok intuitively - and are TRUSTing their grok! - that NO humans had ANYthing to do with THIS one's arrival!

I've no doubt that anyone foolish enough to attempt to CLAIM this crop circle would receive a comeuppance that'd shame 'em outta ALL fields forever...

Finally, our prayers (voiced and unvoiced) have been answered! THANKYOUuu, CIRCLEMAKERS!

[See Robert Gilson’s Milk Hill letter elsewhere on Feedback, for the exact opposite line of thinking to this! – Ed.]



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