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Is there a connection between the Milk Hill formation and the ‘spinning sun’ of the third Fatima prophecy?

Taking into consideration the fact that the formation [at Milk Hill] in truth occurred on 13th of August [but see note below! – Ed], almost makes a case for its possibility considering the implications of the 13th of the month in the Fatima prophecy...

(All excerpts from ‘Earth Under Fire’ by Paul LaViolette; ‘THE MAN WHO FELL FROM EARTH’; ‘The Fatima Prophecy’)

"Three children living near the town of Fatima in Portugal claim to have encountered a snow white radiant being one spring day in 1916 while tending their sheep. Identifying himself as the Angel of Peace, he invited them to join him in prayer. Afterwards, he administered to them the sacrament of communion and, after additional prayer, he disappeared. In the months that followed, the children prayed at regular intervals as the angel had instructed.

"On Sunday, May 13th of the following spring, the children witnessed a new apparition while tending sheep in a large basin-shaped pasture. They reported seeing a brilliant flash of light and afterwards beheld a young woman of transcendent beauty, whose luminescent from hovered above a small holm oak tree. She asked the children to come to that spot on the 13th of every month to pray with her for the conversion of mankind to spirituality.

"The promise of a miracle on October 13th, for the sixth and last rendezvous with this apparition, drew a throng of fifty to eighty thousand people, despite a strong downpour of rain. The 'Lady of the Rosary' appeared to the children around noon with the message that people should recite the rosary daily. Then, all who had gathered witnessed the following vision. The rain ceased and the clouds seemed to part, revealing what one witness described as 'a disc with a sharp rim and clear edge, luminous and lucent, but not painful to the eyes.' Its colour was 'as changeable as the luster of a pearl.' The 'sun' then began to spin on its axis like a pinwheel. As it whirled, streamers of light came from its rim and flashed across the sky, colouring the landscape and faces of the spectators with a variety of constantly changing colours.”



Just one possible problem… It now seems definitive that the Milk Hill fractal was first spotted by the Wiltshire group on August 12th (though not reported on that day - naughty!), not the 13th as first thought – Ed.


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