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MILKED HILL - 26/08/2001

Dean DeHarpporte from the USA seeks some more information about the characteristics of the Milk Hill Spiral...

First, thanks for your great coverage of the circles. Yours is the best on the net.

However, despite the excellent coverage of the spectacular Milk Hill circle, there is NO information that might tell us whether the circle has the characteristics that separate it from hoax circles. Such characteristics are:

Bent over, but not broken plants

Nodes which are stretched so that there is an abnormally large space between them

Nodes which are enlarged or show signs of bursting

Basket weaving pattern


Any other PHYSICAL characteristics which might prove it to be other than human-made

Gathering and reporting such information as quickly as possible will head off the hoax explanations and shift the discussion to the unexplained characteristics (above) and away from the hoaxing hypothesis.



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