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Robert Gilson plays devil’s advocate, chewing over the hoaxing arguments following the recent Milk Hill formation... ‘Believers’ beware!

The euphoria that seems to have greeted this latest beauty [at Milk Hill] is as high as the gloom and doubt was deep before its arrival. All common sense seems to have been put to one side. I would suggest a little caution before going a bundle on this one as the final proof that crop circles are really made by forces other than the hand of little men in dark clothing.

Surely this circle needs the closest scrutiny by the likes of Drs. Haselhoff and Levengood otherwise it will all come crashing down again, but this time from an even greater height.

I have taken an interest in the croppie world for the first time this year, having previously seen and been in the odd formation without doing more than admire and wonder. Having been to four conferences this season, I have been fully exposed to the hoaxing debate and the agonizing and attack it has caused.

From having been entirely neutral, I have become more and more convinced that
the only way to settle this business, for those who obviously desperately need to settle it, is to produce incontrovertible scientific proof or have a large number of credible eyewitnesses to the formation of a circle. For me the only talk that made me really accept, intellectually as opposed to intuitively, that some circles are inexplicable, was the one given by Dr Haselhoff at Colet House in June [CCCS/Scientific & Medical Network day]. Dr Levengood's research also seemed pretty substantial.

Some of the circles are amazingly beautiful, the latest being a case in point, but when faced with them, believers overlook the fact that sceptics look for signs of inaccuracies and are willing to believe that people are capable of some amazing feats of creation.

When I looked at the swirls of pearls, I was initially struck by the sheer scale and beauty of it, but then the euphoria made me suspicious. I looked more closely and noted that a couple of the arms had an extra little circle to fill in a gap. The two or three small circles that make up the little arms on each larger circle also seem to be stuck on fairly erratically. With my sceptic's hat on I ask why these details lack the geometric accuracy one would expect of a force that had the power to create without using planks and ropes. There is also the not insignificant detail that they are all circles and as such the easiest of patterns to lay down.

It has also been mentioned that, given the number of circles and the time available, it would have only allowed a person 30 seconds for the creation of each. Presumably this means that, if there were ten people there would have been five minutes, but no one chooses to mention this.

There is also the acceptance that there are only four hours of complete darkness in midsummer. But it isn't midsummer any longer. I was out driving last evening and had to put my lights on before 9pm. There must be well over six usable hours of darkness by now. These are details that people eventually pick up on.

Now I know I am playing devil's advocate here, but I think it is important for someone to do so or else the slowly growing interest will keep being squashed. In fact, I would suggest that a far better approach to the whole phenomenon is for everyone to retain a measure of gentle scepticism and wait for proof before yelling, "Look, I told you, this one's real!" to all and sundry. What is wrong with saying, "Look, it could be people, but if it is they must be pretty clever because of the various factors they have to overcome." And then explain those time, geometric, blown nodes, electromagnetic factors. Forget the dowsing bit because it is far too flaky to convince anyone of a doubting mind.

One final point is that the very need that the believers have to have their beliefs accepted is a natural trigger for scepticism in those who are sensitive to the desperation in others. I suspect that most people are intuitively aware of the neediness in others and tend to shun them. I know from my personal experience at the conferences that my scepticism was never more aroused than when I listened to those who were trying to rubbish the hoaxers. Matthew Williams may well be in league with the devil but, to my innocent/ignorant eye, he gave a very good account of himself when interviewed at Colet House [have to disagree on that point – Ed.].

I hope you will adopt a positive approach when reading this. I am not trying to rubbish anyone, be they hoaxers or believers. I know from my own experience that something extraordinary is occurring at this present time. I simply feel that people allow unresolved emotional issues to cloud their vision when faced with the beauty and wonder of crop circles. Rather than face up to these inner shadows and thereby bring them out into the light of consciousness for resolution, they tend to ignore them and look for rescue from out there either in the world or, in the case of some in the croppie community, from outer space.

It is my impression that we shall be more able to communicate with whatever may be out there, if we have done the work to free ourselves from the illusions and emotional hurt and thereby succeeded in becoming genuinely open-minded and receptive. It is no short and simple task, but it can be done if the will is there.

[See ilyes’s Milk Hill letter elsewhere on Feedback, for the exact opposite line of thinking to this! – Ed.]



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