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Just when you thought you’d seen it all… Two astonishing formations at Chilbolton have arrived to stir the croppie masses. KAREN DOUGLAS reports on the mysterious face and ‘code’ which have appeared, almost in reply, next to a radio telescope…

If you have not yet seen the new formations that appeared at Chilbolton in Hampshire at the weekend, glance to the right. If you thought the Milk Hill fractal would be the last wonder of the season, be prepared - you might be wrong!

Two formations were reported to have appeared on Sunday 19th August in a wheat field next to the radio telescope at Chilbolton, Hampshire. One is a very strange rectangular formation with what looks distinctly like some kind of digital code displayed within it, the code being illustrated by standing patterns of crop. The second formation is also completely unique; at first it appears to be a random collection of standing circular clumps of varying sizes, also contained within a rectangle shape. However, as you get further from the pattern and gain some perspective, suddenly, and quite spookily, you see a face staring out at you from the crop field! Nothing like this has ever been seen before.

What is so interesting is that this ‘dot matrix face’ and the strip of code next to the radio telescope are remarkably similar to the kinds of coded information we sent out into space on the Voyager spacecraft. Could this be our reply or some strange intergalactic echo?

Many have already commented that they see a distinct similarity between this formation and the mysterious ‘face’ on Mars.

Is this the face of the real circlemakers or a likeness of our own image engraved into the crop fields of Hampshire? Watch this space... Or is it space watching us?



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