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Following on from a similar venture held in August, a second ‘world wide crop circle meditation’ has been organised for September 2nd by circle researcher Freddy Silva…

Freddy Silva writes:

“The intention is to show support and gratitude for the genuine Circlemakers, and to build up a positive energy field that facilitates the continued appearance of crop circles by the genuine Circlemakers and all agencies of the Light.

Through this action we hope to gain more understanding of the circlemaking process, its message, and reduce the increasing influence of the negative and deceptive sources that are contaminating the phenomenon.”

The day chosen for the next meditation has been selected “according to prevailing astronomical and astrological alignments… most favourable for magnifying the positive intent of those taking part.”

The date will be Sunday, 2 September, 9.45pm (UK time zone).

Freddy writes: “If your local time zone makes it inconvenient for you to participate, just send your thoughts as close to the appointed time as possible.”

Full details are available at:


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