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Now ITN News and ITV’s ‘GMTV’ breakfast show cover the story too…

Last night’s ITN television news bulletin featured a report on the new formation (see other Headlines) and featured newsman Nick Owen flying over the field in a helicopter, expressing amazement. This was spoilt slightly by the re-stating of the incorrect assertion (where do these things start?) that no crop circles appeared until after the Foot and Mouth Restrictions were lifted.

However, your very own Swirled News editor Andy Thomas managed to quash the F&M myth this morning on ITV’s ‘GMTV’ breakfast show, in a phone interview set against images of the fractal formation, whereupon the usual sort of TV circle questions were asked and some attempt was made to answer within the 20-second soundbite window!

The Milk Hill spiral certainly seems to have fired the interests of TV folk – there was a queue of camera crews hiring helicopters at Thruxton yesterday.

The farmer plans to cut the field as soon as possible, weather permitting.


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