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With the expected campaign to debunk the Milk Hill fractal now in full swing, denials are being issued…

The spreading rumours that plankers Team Satan helped create the much-acclaimed new formation at Milk Hill for an HTV documentary (see details in our Headline story ‘National UK Media Features Fractal Stunner’), have been strenuously denied by all concerned.

Swirled News spoke this morning with one of the makers of the forthcoming programme, who categorically denied that HTV had any part in the creation of the formation in question, saying “I wish we HAD made it!”. He admitted that in addition to the Beckhampton mandala created by Team Satan (see Headlines passim.) HTV did film Matthew Williams making a formation this summer at Yatesbury (with paid permission). However, any connection with the events at Milk Hill was flatly denied. Williams has apparently told HTV that he was not involved with the formation either, though he insinuated that he knew people who were involved, but such vague rumours are the bread and butter of his kind.

After conversations with Alton Barnes farmer Polly Carson, Paul Vigay reports that she knows her neighbouring farmer who owns the Milk Hill land is innocent of any involvement. Paul writes:

“He WAS NOT paid for the formation and if it was hoaxed it was done without his permission. I believe her because she's known him for 25 years and they are friends. This means that it rules out any TV or military involvement [which has also been alleged!] because they would open themselves for a prosecution, if admitting it publicly.”

Meanwhile, apparently stung by the implication that his recent comments of praise about the fractal design might be some kind of decoy trick to cover for Team Satan’s own involvement, John Lundberg has issued the following statement:


“Regarding the comments in your recent article: NATIONAL U.K. PRESS FEATURES FRACTAL STUNNER:

We've always endeavoured to make sure the research community are informed about any formations we create for demonstration or commercial purposes, which was borne out recently by the formation we created for HTV at Beckhampton, as was the case with the Daily Mail formation, the BBC Country File formation and the formation we created in New Zealand for NBC.

It was obvious there would be rumours about the Milk Hill formation being man-made, but that's all they are, malicious rumours from people pretending they have access to information that they don't. Our group were not involved in the creation of the Milk Hill formation, nor were any of the circlemakers that I'm in contact with.”


IF the formation were man-made, then, either there’s a lot of lying going on or those responsible lie outside the usual circle of culprits. Tales of paranoia and confusion around this formation were indeed only to be expected and, doubtless, the rumour-mill will continue to grind onwards for many weeks yet.

Some researchers, fearful of being ‘caught out’, are advising caution in expressing opinions on the Milk Hill formation, however, as Melanie Gambrill writes to us:

“Isn't this a case of where there is light, dark energies will try to enter? Let's stand up and be counted and express our opinions freely.”



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