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Midwest Research release more details on their man-made formations (see recent Headline report)…

It was our purpose in making these formations to test several assumptions about the phenomenon of crop circles in situ by replicating, as best we could, a geometrical area of flattened wheat in an English field. This we did with the farmer’s permission and blessing.
We were interested in testing, firstly, how difficult it would be to make something and, secondly, how difficult it would be to make something large. What we found is that with an inexperienced team of researchers, several being nearly 70 years of age, we could rather easily construct what you see in the pictures. The team leader, Peter Sorensen, drew a sketch on the spot and we followed his directions for practical execution. We made mistakes and corrected them, ran out of time and finished the job the next day. We made the tools ourselves by guessing what they should be. It was not difficult to do what we did.
We tested the energetics of the area first with the electrostatic meter, the TREK-520 before we made any of the formations. There were no anomalies noted. After we pushed down the crop for the first ring in the corner of the field we measured the ES again and found it had doubled in the flattened area. This was expected and explainable by the contour of the iso-static field changing with the shape. Before the large formation was begun we prayed and invoked the supernatural forces in a positive way. We cast our intent strongly here and the result with the ES meter was a four-fold increase in voltage in the resulting formation, similar to what we have measured in previous ‘genuine’ formations in years past.
The physical appearance of the formation, while sort of messy due to our inexperience, clearly showed some of the hallmarks of what we had considered previously to be evidence of ‘genuine’ circles. We created wavy, stream-bed-like flows in the flatted crop, which looked like the result of energy, not mechanics. From the air, the stomper board marks and pathways are clearly visible and appear similar to the patterns seen in other ‘genuine’ formations. We were able to create magically standing stalks and so-called magical bends, which serendipitously happened as a result of the mechanical process. Also the splay of crop against the standing wall was similar to many other ‘genuine’ circles we had seen over the years. So there were clearly some assumptions about previous circles that were proved wrong by our practical experiment.
We were also interested in seeing if any paranormal phenomena would be associated by our effort even though the field was located near Lynham Air Base. There was a lot of military activity and we did the majority of our work in the daytime. While we did not perceive any direct contacts it is most curious to note that a very similar design appeared a day or two later in Cambridgeshire. Our first effort left a large standing crescent, which we flattened the next day. Is it possible that something may have picked up on this design and answered us? Is this an indication of contact with the original phenomena? Or is it possible that Peter Sorensen intuited a design that was in the aether, so to speak, and we were the first to lay it down? The mystery of the crop circles has not been solved by our little experiment at all. In fact it points to much more work to be done. We feel that our modest experiment has added to the bank of cerealogical knowledge. It is now up to the circle research community at large to test some of the more dogmatic assumptions that are often made about crop formations.




A number of questions arise from this - firstly, what are ‘magically standing stalks’ and ‘magical bends’? It is clear from contradictory reports made by a number of researchers over the years that there are several different definitions for these, so the observation that these were present is purely subjective until an exact criteria can be defined which everyone adheres to.

What we would define as true anomalous nodal bending is when crop has actually been bent at the node to create curvature in the lay, ie. a stem is bent in one, sometimes two, places to create a curve or to go around a corner or effect a particular shape – not vaguely bent nodes with no specific purpose. It has long been known that the latter can occur naturally, while the former has been found in no known man-made experiment to this day.

Once again, we have to question the validity of meter devices which register big changes when standing crop is flattened to the floor. Surely, all this means is that the devices are picking up basic electrical changes which occur when this happens? Why is this so amazing? Where has it ever been claimed that ES-meters were picking up anything paranormal? Why is the fact that Midwest Research’s meters registered such big changes being trumpeted as anything special?

Alarm is also raised by the rather glib statement “we prayed and invoked the supernatural forces in a positive way”. What does this mean? Which supernatural forces? ETs? Gods? Devas? Or just general ‘circlemaking-type intelligences’? Is this supposed to mean that Ron and his crew were trying to channel celestial inspiration through their stomper boards, as some hoaxers claim they do? Yet the increasing subtext to Midwest Research’s thoughts is that there are barely any supernatural forces involved anyway if the circles they made are apparently so close to the real thing, as they claim! Is this supposed to mean that most circles are channelled from ‘supernatural’ higher realms THROUGH human circlemakers? Are these intelligences really so bereft of all ability to affect our physical world that they need human stooges to do ALL their work? And if so, what makes the human workers so sure they are in touch with something “positive”..? Maybe it’s all just cosmic vandals channelling through, having a laugh at our expense…

In terms of the general results impressing Ron and Simeon’s team so much, the thought just needs to be repeated that, sooner or later, someone can learn how to perfectly reproduce the Mona Lisa, stroke for stroke, with enough practice and analysis – but this doesn’t turn them into Leonardo da Vinci.


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