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CRYSTAL TIPS - 31/07/2001

Greg Smyth sources the ‘crystalline technology’ references recently made by members of Midwest Research…

Just a small bit of info for you all. In the December 2000 issue of ‘The Sedona Journal of Emergence’ is a channeled interview with ‘Gaia’ about the circles. Some of what is referred to as "crystalline technology" is what she talks about.

She also states that human circles should be attempted in the right frame of mind etc. Great reading when compared to what actually was attempted this month [by Midwest Research]. She also indicates that the circles do originate from off-world sources. I guess Peter [Sorensen] just chose to ignore that part...


[Midwest Research did actually consult ‘Gaia’ in the months before making their ‘experimental’ circles, according to Simeon Hein in his recent presentation at the CCCS conference in Andover – Ed.]


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