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STRAY THOUGHTS - 31/07/2001

Geoff Stray challenges Matthew Williams to explain cattle mutilation connections with circles…

An excellent reply to Matthew Williams’s recent letter!

I was wondering if Mr Williams will soon be claiming responsibility for some of the ‘bovine excision’ events (cattle mutilation), since the sites of these unusual animal deaths show most of the same abnormalities as have been found in crop circles? These include ‘expulsion cavities’ (blown nodes); cell wall pits enlarged by 300%; increased amounts of micron-sized magnetic spheres - over 700% increase in one case; unusual forms of silicone; alterations in growth rates of seedlings taken from formations/excision sites; mitochondrial damage.

Anyone who is becoming convinced by the ‘all-hoaxes’ circle explanation, really SHOULD read the excellent article by Nancy Talbott of BLT Research and the follow-up by John Burke, which I have posted (with their permission) at Then they will be in a more informed position to consider any evidence presented to them by the cereal artists.



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