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PROFITS OF DOOM - 31/07/2001

Sharyn Norcliffe challenges allegedly profiteering researchers...

I have just read that article by Mr Glickman [and] was surprised to read about the petty arguments that researchers are having. Why do you all seem to be putting each other down? Should you not all be working together to find the truth, or are you only interested in your own version of the truth? As for the evidence put forward by Mr Andrews and the rest, why is it so unbelievable that human geomancers are out there practicing their craft? Why do you seem to think that it is more possible that people from another star system came all the way here to etch these symbols into the crop? I really want to know!! Where is the evidence for these ET's, any real evidence at all? I think that too many people are making too much money from this and nobody is going to come out with the truth. What a shame. And what a shame that some people who really know, are leading others astray, just to earn a quid. It is amazing what people will do to people just for money and self-importance. Anyhow, just a thought. if you want to reply to moi…




It’s easy to criticize the ‘arguments’ of researchers when you’re not involved. Sometimes you find yourselves in positions where battles have to be fought. Somewhere in the scheme of things it’s all part of the great computation to get to ‘the truth’ - and simply human nature.

Who on Swirled News stated categorically that ETs make crop formations? There are many different theories and we are open to them all, excepting that we don’t believe all circles are made by people. Some are, yes, but not all – see our recent reply to Matthew Williams’s letter.

As for all these people making money out of crop circles… where is all this money? We’d love to have some of it! Most researchers who have ever earned anything at all out of this could never even hope to recoup the years of expenses spent researching the phenomenon. There are few willingly leading anyone astray; for the most part the crop circle world is made up of people openly giving of their time and blood pressure to investigate something that fascinates them. Simple as that.


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