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In yet another TV demonstration, everybody’s favourite human circlemakers make a new crop formation…

In what now seems to be an annual event, crop artists ‘Team Satan’ have made their latest attempt to convince the world that most crop formations are man-made.

An elaborate mandala, 240’ across, was made at Beckhampton and (one presumes) filmed in the making for HTV West’s forthcoming 30-minute circle documentary. Michael Glickman has been asked to critique the formation, on-camera, though how many of his comments will remain in the final cut remains to be seen.

He shouldn’t have a hard time of it, though – initially impressive, just a little further scrutiny (as ever with many man-made demonstrations) reveals a litany of geometrical and proportional errors within the design. Inevitably, with nothing to compare it to and given that 30 minutes (much of it given over to hoaxers) is hardly likely to furnish anyone with enough balancing facts, the demo mandala should, however, be enough to convince most HTV viewers that people are 100% responsible for the phenomenon.

We, though, remain unconvinced!

The programme is due for broadcast in the HTV region (Bristol and surrounding counties) sometime in August.


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