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WRONG OR RIGHTS OF WAY? - 25/07/2001

John Bowen looks into what exactly a ‘Right of Way’ is…

Karen Douglas’s definition of Rights of Way in her response to my recent letter is a matter of interpretation, I suspect.

Q. When is a path not a path?
A. When it's a footpath.

The following quote is from the Ramblers Association website:


‘What is a right of way?’

A right of way in the countryside is either a footpath, a bridleway or a byway. On footpaths the public has a right of way on foot only. On bridleways it also has a right of way on horseback and on a pedal cycle. Byways are open to all classes of traffic, including motor vehicles. Legally, a public right of way is part of the Queen's highway and subject to the same protection in law as all other highways, including trunk roads.


The full document is worth reading sometime. Some interesting stuff !



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