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A CHILD FOUND IN A 1962 CROP CIRCLE… - 24/07/2001

A lady called Lynne has an interesting tale to tell…

I know crop circles, aliens and UFOs are connected because I was left in a crop circle by aliens in 1962, in Glasgow Montana, aged four. The rest of the crop was taller than us and when we came out of the crop, air force police shouted “freeze” and were pointing guns at us; because they had thought we were men crawling… The ‘Disclosure’ project witnesses tell of UFOs in Montana in 1962.

I was sectioned Easter '94 for saying UFOs were real and they were not hostile, they would help us in a big world peace movement and military and other respected people would come forward with their stories of UFO's and aliens. Now it is no longer considered psychotic to believe in UFOs.

I was born with a caul [part of a womb-membrane sometimes found attached to a child’s head at birth] in Roswell, NM, which is supposed to mean I will have visions and I do. (But, shhhh, it's a sectionable offence!) The military took my caul and did not even tell my mother about it.


[Lynne’s story follows:]

The baby wanted to fly. But she seemed to have lost the ability. Sat in her highchair prison she stretched her arms straight out behind her; a substitute for wings. She pointed her head towards the door of the cafe and imagined soaring high above the mountain into the clouds and beyond... all the way home. And won’t they all be just so surprised to see she managed to get back all by herself when they’d made her so small and helpless… A lady shouted, “Hey, look at that kid, she must be double-jointed or something! Urgh! The baby jumped and glared at the lady for drawing attention to her and spoiling her chance of escape. Well, she might of taken flight; given half a chance to concentrate.

Years passed; but never the desire to fly off the planet. Aged four she was getting desperate. She believed if she did not remember the technique to fly before she went to school aged five it would be too late and she would have to stay on this horrible planet until she died. She had been hoping her ‘parents’ would take her to the top of a mountain so she could launch herself off. No such luck. And Montana was flat, flat, flat. One day, she found a tiny bump in the landscape; almost a hill to her eyes. She ran as fast as she could up the “hill” and leaped into the air. One, two, three great strides through the air; she started to lift her arms… bump, thud she landed on the ground. She tried again and again… to no avail. She stood, arms outstretched, and shouted to the Heavens “why did you leave me here, all by myself?” (She had never brought herself to ask out loud before; her plan was to just turn up back ‘home’ and speak to no-one unless to dare anyone to send her back to Earth against her wishes.) She was surprised by the reply from a chorus of voices; “you wanted to save the world.” She said, “but you have made me into a little girl and nobody will listen to me." They laughed (which hurt her feelings deeply) and said “you’ll grow.” She nodded. She had no choice really as she couldn’t fly and they were not going to pick her up, that was clear enough. She said, “Well, you might have made me red at least.”

As she turned to go, she had a vision of President Kennedy making her Head of the United Nations. She later told her mother; “President Kennedy is going to make me leader of the United Nations when I grow up, and then people will believe and listen to the things I say.” Her mother said “don’t be silly child, there is no such thing as the United Nations; you must stop saying such things or they will lock you away; it is delusions of grandeur to think you will ever meet the President and nobody can see into the future.” Nobody believed her visions except her beloved grandmother who told her about Mother Shipton and her predictions. But even her grandmother said “you must be patient my child, people cannot understand what you talk about and it frightens them that a child should say such things; wait until you are older.” But the girl did not want to wait.

One day while she was still four, she was playing in the back yard when some strange tall, thin and stern-looking children came and said they wanted to play. They wanted to play mothers and fathers and they made the girl the mother. She thought they looked a bit old to want to play with her and her three year-old brother, especially that game, but she did not want to hurt their feelings so she agreed. Then they said they wanted to go to the playground. The girl said, “no, sorry, we are not allowed to go to the playground on our own without permission.” The children said, “but you are the mother, it is up to you.” The girl said, “I do not know the way.” The children said “we will show you the way.” She did not want to be a bad mother so she said, “okay, we’ll go.”

At the playground one of the children said “look, your brother’s running off.” She looked and saw her brother running towards a blonde boy standing at the edge of the playground. She shouted “stop, where are you going?” Her brother said “I’m going to see that boy, he wants to tell us something.” The girl said “no, we must not talk to strangers.” (Bit late for that one!) Her brother said “don’t be silly, he’s just a kid.” As they arrived in front of the blue-eyed, cold-faced boy he said “do you want to see what’s at the end of the rainbow?” He looked at the girl; “it will help you to save the world.” She thought, how does he know I came to save the world? Her brother said “come on, it’s a leprechaun and a pot of gold! We’ll be rich and you can order the leprechaun to save the world for you.” She tried to look at the boy as coldly as he looked at her and said “you better be telling the truth; you better not hurt my brother.” The boy said “we don’t hurt people, people hurt people.” The girl said “I am a person and I don’t hurt people.” The boy said “you haven’t been here long.”

They came to a golden spacecraft! A hatchback-type door opened and they stepped into the cool, blue interior. A being stepped forward and said to the girl “come, worry not, no harm will come to your brother and he will remember nothing.” She went off to the left as her brother went off to the right with the turquoise/ice-blue eyed boy and some others saying “where’s the leprechaun and the pot of gold? My sister wants the leprechaun to save the world and I want the pot of gold!”

The girl said to the being “that boy doesn’t like me and he doesn’t even know me.” The being said “do not judge him too harshly, he knows what you have to face and he worries you will not cope.” “Yes,” said the girl, “he thinks he would do a better job.” They went into a curved room. On a panel were indents of small handprints. Just her size! She looked at the being in amazement. He nodded and she placed her hands in the indents. The wall in front of her opened to a huge screen of moving pictures. Just like her visions! Music played…

Then they were back at the entrance to the ship. Her brother’s memory had been wiped and he was standing ready to go. They told her they were ready to wipe her memory. She begged and pleaded with the being; on her knees, clutching his robe, tears in her eyes despite herself; “no, please, please don’t wipe my memory. I need to remember or the boy will be right, I will fail. I will not be able to do all those bad things because I will not believe God wants me to. I will not even believe God Exists.” The being shook his head. “Please,” said the girl, “just let me remember a little bit then.” You will remember when the time is right; the films and songs will help,” said the being and he placed his hand on her head and touched her forehead with his thumb…

The next moment the girl and her brother were standing in a flattened circle in a field of crops taller than they. The girl looked behind her. The ship was gone. She looked at her brother and said “we will walk straight ahead” (the way they were facing). It was getting dark. The girl thought, we’re in trouble. I wonder how long we’ve been gone. As they came out of the crop a voice shouted, “freeze!” The boy looked at his sister and said “quick, get your hands up before they shoot! Don’t forget you only have to tell them your name rank and serial number.” A man said, “Goddamn, it’s two little kids - lower your weapons.” They had thought the children were men crawling…



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